Where to find William Morris wallpaper
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Searching for William Morris wallpaper. Their UK home (william-morris.co.uk) only ships to customers in the UK, and the former source in US (Charles Rupert) went out of business, apparently 3 months ago. So we need help. Where can we get William Morris wallpaper for our new-to-us Victorian house's dining room?
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Maybe the Canadian source can ship to you? Via the Where to Buy search, bottom right of the UK site, it's Anne Star Agencies in Vancouver.
posted by beagle at 3:47 PM on January 3, 2017

Bradbury has a Morris Tradition set.
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Actually they list US sources in a bunch of states via that search also. Click on Rest of World, select a state. In New York, Zoffany.
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Yup, Bradbury has it, as crush-onastick linked.
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