M Night Shyamalan's "Split" Spoilers - what is the twist?
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"Split," the new film by M Night Shyamalan, comes out on January 20th. If you've seen the movie, please spoil the ending below. I would like to know what the Shyamalanesque twist is, but do not wish to see the movie. This thread will contain spoilers.
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I have not seen the film, but I have sadly (as I very much *do* wish to see it) been inadvertently (on my part) spoiled. The twist is that the film is a continuation of "Unbreakable."
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Woah.... I had no desire to see this *until* learning the spoiler! Now I need to see how they connect.

Dammit and Thank you.
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The twist is that the film is a continuation of "Unbreakable."

Although this is pretty cool, I thought that it was general knowledge as part of the marketing.
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Wait what and also how.

And cruuuuuud. "Unbreakable" is in my mental category of Accidental Masterpieces, with Shyamalan's performance since then mandating low expectations at best. I feel like I'm staring down the barrel of another Star Wars prequel.
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Just as a heads-up, Googling it seems to keep saying it is a "thematic" sequel.
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FYI right after the film opens you will be able to find a full synopsis at themoviespoiler.com.
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This now-missing rumor page supposedly claimed that Bruce Willis shows up in the last scenes of Split, but I haven't seen other evidence that the page said this or was true if so.
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I'm not feeling sufficiently spoiled. So does Bruce Willis show up at then end and save the girls, and the whole movie is just one example of his heroism? Is the main girl in Split invincible too? How does it relate to Unbreakable?

I've read such varying reviews I'm wondering if reviewers were shown different versions of the movie.
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Finally found a spoiler here
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I just saw rushed out to see this before someone could spoil the twist for me. Let me clarify what others have said: The actual twist is that there is no twist.

You do find out in the last scene that this is set in the same universe as Unbreakable. However, this is not a twist. It's just new information. A twist causes you to re-evaluate everything you've seen before and have a new understanding of it. This doesn't do that at all. There's nothing about this movie you will interpret differently once you know it's set in the Unbreakable universe.

And I wouldn't say it's a continuation. The characters in the actual plot of the move do not overlap at all. Nothing that the unbreakable characters did in any way influences anything that happens here. At the end some people who are not actually characters in the actual plot of the movie are watching a news report about the happenings of the movie and one of them says "hey wasn't there a serial killer in a wheelchair a while back, what was his name again?" and bruce willis says "Mr. Glass." That's the extent of how this "continues.:" People in this movie who are not actual characters have heard of someone in that movie.

The movie was ok. But there was no twist.
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