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Lindy West has (understandably) left twitter, and this is devastating to me because her willingness/bravery to engage with trolls and actually argue with them with such a concise and amazing level of clarity was inspiring, and informative. Who can I follow on twitter to fill this void?

Who are some other brilliant writers, like West, who a) have Strong Opinions and are Usually Right About Things and b) actually engage in battle and succeed in shutting shit down.

They can write about race, class, feminism, politics - anything. Anyone who is just extremely impressive with words and argument. My only criteria is that they're on twitter so I can follow them.
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Anne Helen Peterson: twitter.com/annehelen
Roxanne Gay: twitter.com/rgay
Son of Baldwin: twitter.com/SonofBaldwin
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https://twitter.com/goldengateblond - political, oft-funny, deals with trolls effectively.
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Scaachi Koul: https://twitter.com/Scaachi
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Ijeoma Oluo: http://www.twitter.com/ijeomaoluo
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Imani Gandy. LeslieMac. Marissa J. Johnson.
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I think you've got some great options here. I follow some of them on FB. Because I am pretty much holding fast in my one-person (ok, now I guess there's two of us) boycott of Twitter as hostile to women and minorities. (Oh, all right, FINE, chased off by the sheer unpleasant misogyny of Gamergate, I guess. Only a boycott after the fact.) But seriously? I am not giving them my eyeballs until they fix the Nazi problem West so eloquently describes. (I'm not claiming that FB doesn't have many an issue of it's own, but at least random fedora-wearing frogs don't harrass me on my own timeline.)

But if you are on twitter, you probably want to follow Luvvie.
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Bree Newsome
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Propane Jane
Sady Doyle
Clementine Ford (Probably the closest analog to Lindy West)
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