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Looking for an Android app to assign me cumulative points based on all the stuff I do or don't do. Details inside.

What I want an app to do:
Allow me to input a number of daily or occasional actions/choices, such as "went to gym" or "turned down free food at the office" or "read a book."

For every time I check off one of those actions, I get a point that becomes part of a cumulative total. Like, I don't want to accumulate 10 "went to gym" points and 5 "turned down free food" points and 8 "read a book" points, I want a global running tally of 23 total points.

I'm not interested in apps where the primary goal is forming a habit or completing an uninterrupted streak. My life is too busy to ever think that doing X every single day is a thing that will happen. But I do I want to set a goal for myself that will reward all of the things I should/should not be doing, cumulatively, over the long term. Basically I want to incentivize myself by saying "When I get 500 points, I get a spa weekend" where the 500 points are earned by doing a number of different things that are good for me.

There's such a dizzying array of goal tracking quantified selfing habit forming apps out there, and a cursory perusal hasn't yielded the specific thing I want, but it's kind of overwhelming.
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Back when Habitica used to be called HabitRPG, it offered something like this -- you accumulated "gold" for doing stuff, and then you could spend the "gold" on self-defined rewards. I think it still has a similar game-like mechanic.
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I second Habitica. Their website is junked up with all the extras but just ignore that. It's free and really customizable. You can set your own rewards, etc. I think it will do everything you're asking.
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The OurHome app is more geared towards families and chores, but could definitely be used this way.
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I use an older version of KeepTrack to track a few different things and recommend it often. One of the tracker options is a simple counter with a prepopulated dropdown list of labels. The result is a single list of timestamped labels (eg. 1/3/17 4:32 PM Did not post on Metafilter), the app and widget displays the total number of entries, and you can get some simple analysis of the entries by label (averages, percentages, etc). The current version has a goal tracking feature available for purchase (maybe overkill since all you need is the number of entries), I haven't tried it but everything else about this app is very clean and easy to use.

If you're not interested in the number of times you do each particular activity, you could also just get a clicker-type app (example, not a recommendation: Count!) to tally up all the things without any additional labeling.
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Todoist supports this through it's "karma" feature. There is a concept of streaks but it can be limited to a certain number of tasks per day, or per week. It's freemium but I've never paid a cent, the advanced features aren't useful for me. Cloud-based so it will sync across all your phones / computers.
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Seconding meowzilla, I use the free version of Todoist for this exact purpose. I set up a bunch of daily recurring tasks like floss, tidy a room, walk, etc. Checking off tasks increases your karma points, but not in a direct one-to-one ratio. When I reach a multiple of 1000, I give myself a reward. I've been doing this for a couple years now and have accumulated more than 20,000 karma points. It's been really helpful.
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