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Mood Fabrics has been unable to fill my order for these toggles a couple times in a row now. Suggestions for alternatives? Either online or in the city of Chicago? Jacket to be made of this cloth.
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Have you tried M&J Trimming? These aren't patent, but I'll bet they probably have exactly what you're looking for if you give them a call.
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Etsy link to similar patent leather. Or make your own!
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I was also going to suggest Etsy. I saw some on that site at least as anGoogle search result.

The other thing you could do is poach some interesting clasps from another garment. Done that before. :)
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I would order from Etsy, but you might try Fishman's Fabrics, if you want a brick and mortar source - I haven't been there in a while and am not sure if they sell closures/buttons/notions, but it can't hurt to call - and they have gorgeous fabric!
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Vogue - main store in Evanston but also online and in the city.
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