How do I find occupational therapists to discuss an idea/are you one?
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I recently stumbled an awesome research project that I'm thinking could be a great breakthrough for treatment of pain and weakness due to conditions such as stroke, chronic pain, etc. I want to talk to people who could give me some context as to whether it makes sense, but have zero real business/marketing/whatever this is experience. Can you help direct me?

Of course, if you ARE an OT/PT/rehabilitation specialist, I'd LOVE to talk to you, but Mefi is not a market research firm obviously, etc etc. So PLEASE reach out if you are and feel like sharing expertise - it would be so highly appreciated! But the official question is, how do I go about this?

I'm not going to talk about the specific idea here for now, though it may be open source some time soon.

Thank you Mefi!
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Perhaps you can contact a graduate student in a PT program at a university near you, and talk about using his/her resources to research your idea's effectiveness, side-effects, opportunity cost, etc. This would come well before marketing, and would underpin a marketing campaign, is my interpretation of what you're saying.
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Are you interested in doing scientific research or are you interested in starting a business to sell a product? These are different things and your post seems to confuse the two.
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