Recover hiberfil.sys data
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WinXP SP2: Forcing hibernate to resume from old hiberfil.sys

We lost many many hours of work in a power outage. However the computer was hibernated (and resumed) only an hour beforehand. The data is still in hiberfil.sys I assume (it was in an open program), but I have no idea how to force the computer to load from that. Any ideas or experience? Google-fu is failing me.
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do you actually have the hiberfil.sys? because reading around i get the impression it's deleted (conversely, if it's not deleted, the boot loader boots from it rather than boot.ini).
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ie deleted after successful awakening
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in other words, if you don't have it, but can recover it, then i think it may "just work"
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You may want to try making a backup copy of the old hiberfil.sys (which I assume you've done already), then hibernate the computer again. Next, boot the system using a diagnostic cd (such as this) and overwrite the newly created hiberfil.sys with the backup one. Then reboot and hopefully your computer will be sent back in time.

DISCLAIMER: I've never done anything like this. It may also take more than just restoring the hiberfil.sys to hibernate properly. Try to do a full backup before experimenting like this.
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Yeah, I have the original hiberfil.sys, and i can find certain strings in it that I am sure it is the one we want. I've backed it up and I am going to go ahead and use Knoppix to try to swap the different files. I'll post and let ya know how it works.
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Your system will probably crash very soon after resuming from that hibernate file because the filesystem driver's state will be inconsistent with the filesystem on disk, and it will issue a kernel STOP error.

I don't think you'll be able to resume from this image, so your only option is to try and recover any plaintext strings from hiberfile.sys that may be useful to you.
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azazello is pretty much right. After playing around with forcing sleeps, linux boot disks and swapping hibernation files, I finally managed to get back into windows xp... for a few seconds. Then the kernel STOP comes.

It was fun trying, but not an endeavor I would ever recommend. Luckily the memory for the data was sequential, so recovering a lot of the strings wasn't too bad, and better than nothing. Thanks for all the help :)
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