Best places to swim in Miami?
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Best places to go swimming in Miami?

We are staying in Mid-beach right by the beach and it is lovely here and if there aren't rip currents tomorrow I plan to go swimming! (Despite the chilly water). Are there any especially nice places to swim in Miami or very nearby? We don't have a car but could rent one I guess. Looking for places that are quiet and/or have calm water and/or have nice scenery.
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My spouse grew up in Miami, and Bill Baggs State Park on Key Biscayne is his family's favorite beach. It's gorgeous and chill. There are two great old beach shack restaurants and a lighthouse, but mostly there is calm water and sand dunes. I think that it's possible to take a bus out there if you are extremely dedicated, but a car would be much easier.
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I will concur, Key Biscayne is the place to go. Please note that my advice is based on a summer there in 1968. :)
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Get a zipcar membership for next time. You can actually get one within a day if you go pick up the physical card from the office downtown. (it's on SW 1st street just south of Flagler). You might get lucky and be able to pick it up this afternoon if you apply soon enough.

That said, doing that gets you halfway to Key Biscayne anyway. Google Maps has good transit directions (paired with the MDT Tracker app so you can see when the next bus is coming!), but off the top of my head to go from mid beach to Key Biscayne the best way would be to take the S/119 (or the 120 express bus if there is a stop nearby) to either the Omni Terminal or the stop at 2nd Ave and 8th Street, take Metromover to Brickell station, then take the 101/B bus from there out to Key Biscayne.

I thought the bus out to Key Biscayne only ran until 7 or 8, but it turns out to be almost 11, so it isn't that terrible an option if you don't mind spending an hour or hour and a half just watching the scenery go by slowly.

I wouldn't think Uber would be more than $10-$15 each way, if you want to go that route instead.
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