Was there a bo ssam pork recipe of 2016?
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Years ago, thanks to AskMe, I came across the Momofuku bo ssam pork recipe and have made it repeatedly since. And now I wonder...that's a pretty old recipe now. Is there something new that has come up since that I should be trying?

Beyond the fact that it's delicious, what I enjoy about the bo ssam pork recipe is that the flavor vastly outweighs the effort that goes in, all the steps are simple which makes it great for lazy weekend cooking, serving time is flexible, and it has flavors that are still a bit unusual and exciting to American palates, so it's fantastic for guests. Oh, and leftovers are great.

So, anyone notice a new and exciting meat-based entree getting traction this last year that I should definitely be trying out during my vacation this week?
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Sous vide steak. You don't even need the fancy $200 machine to do it - it takes a smidge more effort but you can do a great sous vide with some ziplock bags and a digital thermometer.
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I recently made Chinese White Cut Chicken. It's basically poaching a whole chicken, with ginger and scallions. But the dipping sauce, made by pour hot oil over scallions and other ingredients, is fantastic. Also, the meat stays moist and tender, and it can be served hot or at room temp, or chilled and served cold.
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On the rise before, and from a very different provenance, but also delicious and featured in the NYT in 2016:

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Here's a fun read I was reading on chowhound yesterday-a bunch of serious cooks discussing their recipe of the year: http://www.chowhound.com/post/recipe-year-1044717?page=7

And now I want to go make bo ssam!
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Getting a pressure cooker has been a game changer for me. One of the few things my 2-year old will eat is pho and, using a pressure cooker, making pho at home becomes a weeknight meal instead of a weekend project.

Two recipes you can try:

- 30-minute pressure cooker Pho Ga (chicken pho)
- Pressure cooker beef pho

Also, you can make legit risotto in the pressure cooker (no standing over the pot and stirring!).
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Woah, joyceanmachine, that Mississippi Roast recipe is GREAT! I just made the New York Times version you linked that uses real ingredients instead of powders, and it is delicious. Added extra pepperoncini, sliced onions and a ton of peeled garlic cloves and it all came out so buttery and good. 10/10 will make again! Thank you for sharing!
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