How to transfer these smartphone photo albums?
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Is it possible to/how do I transfer the photo albums in the Samsung app "Story Album" to a Samsung Galaxy S7 from a Samsung Galaxy S4?

My mom has been using the pre-installed Samsung app "Story Album" on her Samsung Galaxy S4 to make photo albums. She now has a Samsung Galaxy S7 and the only thing I have not successfully transferred from the 4 to the 7 are her photo albums.

I used Smart Switch Mobile to transfer for everything else. When I connect the devices using that app, Story Album doesn't show up as an option to select to transfer. Also no luck transferring the albums individually using Android Beam.

My impression from my now-annoyed googling is that the Samsung Story Album app doesn't exist anymore and so I can't even get the individual photos out of Story Album somehow, just a PDF of the scrapbook-like slides of each album, maybe? I really don't want that to be the answer.

I am willing to fuss with this as needed to get it to work as long as no fuss is needed once my mom wants to use it. I would also accept a new Story Album type app within the same parameters. Please help.
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I use the (computer) app Android Transfer to move files off my phone. After doing that, you could just as easily plug in the new phone and drag the files onto it, probably into the regular photos folder since the app doesn't exist. You may have to poke around the file structure a bit to find a storytime folder but I'm sure it's there!
P.S. That program is mac only, but the page describes how to do it on Windows, no installation needed.
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