Flavor ideas for homemade Jello?
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I'm trying to spruce up my dessert options while on a super low-carb diet, and am really into Sugar-free Jello at the moment. I would prefer to make my own so i can use a healthier sweetener than the store-bought stuff, and I'm looking for ideas of fancy flavor combination i could try outside of the classic realm of Jello flavors.

I have a few professional grade baking flavourings already (passionfruit, mango and violet) and I'm looking for ideas for new ones to buy, or nice combinations with maybe herbs, spices or other thing i'm not thinking about yet. Like maybe grapefruit and rosemary would taste amazing in jello form? That kind of thing.
Fruit juices are mostly out because carbs, but i'm open to real or artificial flavourings, at the top of your head or with reference to specific recipes...

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I have no idea how to make jello, but just in terms of flavor combinations, peach and rosemary are delicious together. Also blueberry with thyme and blackberry with bay leaf. Now I want to learn how to make jello....
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If you try grapefruit (or kiwi), cook it first or your gelatin won't set.

I've enjoyed using tea sweetened with condensed milk, then gelatinized.

Same with espresso sweetened with condensed milk (I've also done layered version; a thin layer of sweetened milk gelatin, let set, pour a layer of unsweetened espresso gelatin, let set. Alternate a couple more times).

Osmanthus is a popular bubble tea flavour.
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Coffee jelly - I basically just use those Starbucks Via packets because I'm lazy - is delicious served topped with whipped cream.

In fact, when you add cream to your gelatin mixture, you basically get a panna cota. A really high quality vanilla bean, simmered with cream and your sweetener of choice, then gelatin added and set. Couldn't be simpler.
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Ooh, try using coconut water, fresh blueberries, and mint (or maybe thai basil, or both). You could even toss in thin small cubes of fresh coconut if you have them..
I used to make a mojitos using similar ingredients, was delicious.
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lemon thyme is classic, as is lemon basil. I'm not sure how well the fresh leaves would steep in hot water - probably not quite as well as in oil, but well enough. I'd muddle up the leaves in a mortar/pestle and add to the hot liquid. (Edit: same with lemon mint.)
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Coconut, cranberry, mango, maybe something with cardamom, blackberry with a hint of cayenne, mint. I'd soak dried fruit in hot water.

Something savory like tomato aspic could be good too.
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If you branch out just a little bit to panna cotta (another gelatin-based dessert), you have some lovely options. Fruit puree can be used as a sweetener, or the panna cotta can be sweetened with artificial sweetener and topped with a little fresh fruit. Google will get you tons of flavor variations - lemon, coconut, chocolate, coffee, etc.
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Don't know about Jello, but green tea works really well in ice cream.
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Cinnamon cardamom!
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Pumpkin panna cotta. No need for sweetener. Make it with almond milk and it will be super low calorie.
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Grapefruit basil. Steep the basil in any liquid to impart the flavor. I know it might not sound like a natural pairing, but it works!
Pear + ginger work well too (sub peaches in the summer)!
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Apple Cider Jello
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Sorry - mis-typed; it's pineapple and kiwi (and papaya) that have proteases that will cause the gelatin not to set (canned pineapple and papaya are ok, since they're "cooked" as part of the canning/pasteurization process).
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Blueberry basil
Rosewater with strawberry or raspberry (you can get rosewater for about $5 at South Asian or Middle Eastern grocery stores; it's sugarfree and lovely. Next to it you'll find orange flower water which I've never tasted but it sounds pretty good too)
Pomegranate molasses (another $7 Middle Eastern ingredient, often stocked beside the rosewater- it does have sugar though, but it tastes so good that might be ok in some recipes)

You can make jello with sparkling water for a fizzy texture

Cream/milk with almond extract is lovely, there's an Asian jello dessert with this flavour combo.

Maybe look at 1960s Jello Mold recipes for other ideas? Beef consomme and olive bits, lime and cream cheese, or something like that? Shredded carrots and raisins? They were super popular for a decade; they can't all be gross.
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Lime & mint (like a mojito).

Lemon & lavender.

Watermelon & ginger.
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Quince with chili flakes
Cranberry with vanilla or with star anise or both
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Almond or another nut flavoring, though almond is very common. Unsweetened almond milk with gelatin or agar-agar maybe with one or two drops of extract to amp the flavor.
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