New England lodging you never want to leave.
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I love spending my time exploring New England but lodging is normally not a big focus. Now I want to stay in the most pleasant, beautiful lodging with beautiful views and/rooms that will make us happy to never leave. Help me find the perfect place.

My mom was just diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma. Normally she drives, lives alone, tap dances on Thursdays, hangs out at my house and is just all around bad ass for an 84 year old. She doesn't take any pills and doesn't need glasses. She had a back ache that made her actually see her doctor (beyond her regular check up stuff). They told her osteoporosis and book a few tests. Couple weeks go by. It got bad enough she stayed with me in bed. I called doctor again and they said we'll see what the tests say. Three weeks go by. It got bad enough I took her to ER (dry heaving, unable to walk, pain she scaled at a 10). They sent us home with pain pill and say osteoporosis. Call doctor that Monday they blew us off again. Pain pills help her sleep. Call doctor again. Come in after test in 3 weeks. In 2 weeks go to ER (Nov 7). It's cancer. Cancer masses pressing on stuff - neck (blocking oxygen and explains eating difficulties she saw specialist about 2 years ago.), pushing on nerves making legs go tingly and collapsing, and triggering the heaving making unable to eat for these months.

She so weak by this time they cant even give full chemo. Her first chemo melts everything enough that she is off oxygen, has no pain, and can eat for the first time in 6 months. (Not before being so neglected in rehab that she ended up in hospital- I kept asking is it ok that she's gone so long unable to eat and drink? She literally was exhausted dry heaving for about 5 hours a day)

She's eating, doing great and in rehab trying to walk again. All the while NEVER complaining.

Wait? How did a question about a fancy hotel get here? I am almost there!

So this week my dad dies. We are a destroyed but soldiering on working on her health.

She wants a good couple days away with a heated indoor pool as soon as she is strong enough. I want to take her someplace AMAZING for a few days.

She's not used to luxury (always hated for me to spend the money) but I think ok with it now. A place with a nice restaurant, fireplace would be great. We are going in the winter and fine with anywhere with a few hours of Central Mass.

Sorry for the long post. I feel like I just have to say how much she deserves this.
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Sorry to hear about all you and your family have been through.

Twin Farms is fabulous.
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I could recomend several places on Martha's Vineyard but for the heated indoor pool req.

This place in Falmouth seems to have an indoor, heated pool, and I've heard good things about it.
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Mount Washington Hotel
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Sorry to read about your tribulations. Your mom sounds like she rocks.

There are two places I can suggest.

The first is The Charles hotel. It's in the centre of Harvard Square and is very lux. There's an associated spa and fitness centre with an indoor lap pool. Obviously tons of things to do and places to eat.

The second is a B&B on the neck in Marblehead, The Seagull Inn. It's a stunning location, but regrettably no pool. I always like suggesting it as I lived in that house, with two roommates, for three years when I first moved to New England. The owners converted it to a B&B a few years after I moved into Cambridge.
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Wentworth By The Sea in Newcastle, New Hampshire
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Trapp Family Lodge
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Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA
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I've only seen it from the outside, but the Norumbega Inn in Camden resembles a castle. If you go to their photos page, they have fireplaces, some rooms have whirlpool tubs and the food looks amazing. The views from that area are also lovely.

Otherwise, there are several B&B's in Camden, closer to town. This one is on Route 1, not too far from town, and if I wanted luxury, this is where I'd stay.
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From Central MA and ultimate blissful pampering, you want Canyon Ranch. It's an entirely different level of luxury that most of us can't imagine. Don't second guess this one -- just do Canyon Ranch.

I feel like I just have to say how much she deserves this.

You deserve this too.
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You both deserve this. Sending you good thoughts.
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Camden, Maine is really quaint and fancy. There are multiple higher end b&bs there. Not sure about the heated pool, but I stayed at 16 Bay View with a balcony, fireplace in the room, amazing spa bathtub, and room service breakfast in the morning.
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You do both deserve this. <3.

Maybe check out Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY, for a really nice everything's taken care of nothing to do but relax type of old school hotel (meals in a big wood panelled dining hall). They have a new pool area that I haven't been to. Super expensive, but the day I spent with my mom in the spa there was the highlight of several years.
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No need to apologize. Your mom is an amazing woman.
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There's a new 5-star hotel in Lincoln, NH (in the White Mountains) called RiverWalk Resort that's really beautiful. Spa, winery, heated pool, good restaurant, beautiful views, the works. (Disclosure: my firm built this website.) They sell units in addition to being just a hotel, so there are lots of extra amenities both on the grounds and in the rooms.
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