Need help finding new audio samples
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I'm looking for community-created (i.e. free) samples, loop packs, etc. for modern dance music creation. The WAV-ier, less-proprietary the formats, the better. I like Monstercat-style electronica these days but my sample library is feeling pretty outdated. This is a hobby on which I can't spend much money at the moment.
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Response by poster: Forgot to mention, I'm mainly interested in percussion but all sample types or links to resources are welcome. Thanks!
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Are you opposed to "ill-gotten" gains? Memail me.
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Response by poster: > Are you opposed to "ill-gotten" gains? Memail me.

If that might mean license-breaking, actually yes :-( :-( Sorry, personal reasons, but I appreciate the gesture. Hopefully there's still a resource or two for sounds that are free by...heritage?
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Best answer: this should keep you busy if you're not already familiar.
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Best answer: Freesound may be what you're looking for. Lots of different types of sounds, a lot of them are drums.

Mind the type of CC license for each sample.
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Best answer:
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Best answer: TB Arthur (previously)
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Best answer: More at Rekkerd.
KVR is a good place to keep up on and find things.
Most, almost all, of the commercial sample companies have lots of freebies.

There are so many free loops, samples, presets, instruments and software of every kind these days the problem is hard drive space and getting around to looking at it all. It makes it hard to accept rationalizing about taking non-free stuff.
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Response by poster: Thanks everybody! Really helpful links, already found some great materials.
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