Which Minneapolis-St Paul churches should I check out?
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I'm looking to explore faith communities from the mainline Protestant tradition, located in the central cities or inner ring MSP suburbs, that have a strong young adult presence including single folks.

I'm coming out of the Evangelical tradition, so while I could hook you up with all the Evangelical goings-on, I'm not as versed in mainline offerings. I'm finding the Evangelical communities less of a fit for how I encounter God and express the values of faith. I'd also like to be more intentional about meeting people and my current church, which is amazing in literally every other way, is on the small side with a stronger focus on building deep relationships (so, hey, DM me if you're looking for that). I'm wide open to your suggestions of churches, programs, centers, training, classes, social groups, etc., as well as denominations not listed here.

In order of priority:

1. Part of the Christian tradition, but not as tied up with Evangelical culture and not Reformed (so, probably no Acts 29*); should have a progressive (egalitarian and affirming) bent or at least openness to discussion on gender and theological approaches. Friends have recommend Methodist, Presbyterian, and Episcopal traditions, all of which sound great

2. Respect for the Bible as an important and divinely-inspired document with applications for how we live our lives

3. A strong young adult (20s and 30s) presence, whether through worship gatherings, programming, small groups, or other events; I'm a woman in my late 20's and want to connect with people for friendship and awesome times together. Several of my female friends are looking for potential relationship partners and I'm looking for the same (currently dating someone non-exclusively). My friends and I have decided to be intentional about meeting people and expanding our networks. That means there should be mixed-gender hanging-out and there should be single guys (is it weird to specify that?). Of this list, this is the only one that's missing from my current faith community

4. Social justice focus

5. Diversity (age, gender, culture, language, ethnicity, etc)

6. Near the center of the Twin Cities -- think where 94 meets the river -- or in an inner-ring suburb

7. Appreciation and inclusion of the arts and creative expression beyond choir and handbells

Not as important: high church vs low church, music type or quality, presence of liturgy, or a strict position on things like baptism and communion

I'm excited for this journey. Thanks for any recommendations.

*I know Acts 29-affiliated churches are all over and I'm connected with that network already; it's the first place I'd go to hit #2, #3, and #6. If you really recommend one, please share it; otherwise, I'm more interested in the communities that are less familiar to me
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We haven't belonged for years (moves, life circumstances) but we loved Central Lutheran back in the day. It's on the south end of downtown Minneapolis and very ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America), not like the more conservative Lutheran synods (e.g., Wisconsin, Missouri). Despite the Evangelical in the name, it's not an "evangelical" denomination in the way the term is usually understood these days.
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Westminster Presbyterian might be a good fit. I'm not as sure about the singles group. I believe there is one, but only started attending after I was married so don't have a good sense of how vibrant it is.
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I went to Park Ave Methodist when I lived there a few months ago. I mostly joined for the social justice and commitment they had to diversity (really integrated church for Minneapolis.) There were quite a good number of people my age (20s-30s) although at the time I was going a lot of them were in relationships. But they're such a sweet and fun bunch.
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I grew up in the United Church of Christ (UCC) / Congregational tradition and it really hits all of your boxes re: social justice, diversity, and creativity. I'm guessing specific programming and having a solid 20-30 year old scene is going to vary greatly by congregation, but the denomination as a whole I think would be very much what you're looking for. I haven't ever lived in the Twin Cities so I unfortunately can't give any specific recommendations, but just googling "UCC twin cities" shows that there are quite a few churches to look into in the area.
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Westminster Presbyterian, St. Mark's Cathedral
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