I can't work [looking] like this.
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Help me replace a favorite outdoorsy jacket.

I found my favorite everyday jacket on an upscale outfitter's clearance rack several years ago. It's long-since discontinued, and falling apart.

Old Faithful is a low-end Lewis Creek model, made in Hong Kong rather than Scotland. I'm not even sure what to call it; neither bomber nor barn jacket is quite right. It's short, ending near the waistline rather than extending over the butt as seems to be the current fashion. It is uninsulated - just a shell of heavy red cotton canvas with a plaid lining. It's big enough to accommodate a heavy sweater, and the sleeves are gusseted for freedom of movement. There's a zipped inside breast pocket and two outer pockets with flaps and buttons, all big enough to be functional. The cuffs and waist are adjustable with short straps and buttons, with no elastic or ribbing. It has a collar, i.e. no hood. The front closes with a zipper, which in turn is shielded by a placket and a few buttons.

This is the jacket that hangs on a hook by the door. It is tough, blocks wind, is easy to move around in, tolerates the washing machine and dryer, and manages to look a bit sporty. I wear it to chop wood, carry lumber, shovel snow, walk the dog, drive to work and visit the local watering hole with my wife. I've looked at Carhartt, LL Bean, Duluth Trading, Filson and Barbour, and none seem to have quite the right thing. The last two brands are too expensive anyhow. So, I'm striking out. Care to take a swing?
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I would look for a "field" or "utility jacket" or a lined "canvas bomber" jacket. Unfortunately they seem to have become a fashion item these days instead of an outdoors item.
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Here's a sold one on Ebay that looks like what you describe. You can keep checking Ebay. Here's a short outdoor jacket at Cabela's. Also keep checking Sierra Trading Company. Hate when an old reliable wears out. If only we knew our classics ahead of time; we would buy two.
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You need the old Woolrich hunting coat. Here is the new version. The trick is to find an old one somebody's selling.
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Elsie, the one you found on eBay has some elements in common with mine. It's clearly the same fabric, but mine is more technical, with angled pockets and more buttons and straps to adjust the fit, plus gussets at the backs of the sleeves.

'Field Jacket' is a helpful search term. I had already tried 'canvas bomber,' but that just turns up a lot of close-fitting heavyweight shirts pretending to be outerwear.
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A Dickies canvas jacket?
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I've used my Burton for field work and love it. Plus look at this dank print.
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What about something like this?
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Other phrases that might help your searching are Chore Coat and Duck Jacket.
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Perhaps a Harrington jacket? 1, 2, 3, and a style guide.
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Here's one from Orvis. The only thing is that it doesn't come in red. It's on sale.

Also this one with the angled pockets.
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Carhartt makes several coats similar to your description. Last forever. Look good a long time. Warm as shit.
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To my surprise there are Carhartt and Orvis stores within driving distance of home, so my wife and I made a tour today. Everything Carhartt had on the shelves was heavier weight and more insulated than I was looking for. The Orvis offerings were much closer to the mark, and probably what I'll go with. I guess I have to accept that there's more than one excellent jacket in the world.

Thanks, everyone!
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It sounds like a great jacket! I wouldn't replace it for anything.
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I did flirt with the possibility of having the old one repaired. It would need a new lining, new zipper and a patch or two on the exterior, and the tailor's bill would be costlier than many of the new jackets I've been looking at. It's still conceivable, but seems unwise. First world problems...
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