Should I use my expired frozen film?
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I've got a stockpile of various types of black and white film (mostly Ilford and Kodak ISO 400 but a few 125 and 50) that expired in 2011 and 2012, but have been stored in the freezer in their original packaging since purchase. I want to use them for a trip I'm taking next month; how long can film be frozen with little or no degradation in quality?

I also have some slide film, Velvia 50 and Astia 100, from the same vintage - has anyone had any experience using film that's been frozen this long?
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4-5 years is nothing. I've shot film in various formats that was older than me, B&W especially will be just fine
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Use it. I have almost 30 year old negative film Captain basement temperature is that still fine. Hardly any color shift.

The only issue is high temperatures and excessive x-rays.
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It'll be fine. I used to work in a photo lab, and I processed a lot of very expired film. The only times I saw really bad effects is if it was stored in a hot location or REALLY old. Way older than 5 years expired. Even if there's a very subtle color shift, it'll be easy enough to correct for. And for black and white, it would be hard to tell the difference; there may be a slight loss of sensitivity, but unless you're insanely precise with your metering, exposures, and processing, I'm willing to bet you will be completely unable to tell.
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Eat that film.
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Eat that film.

...but make sure you let it come up to room temp and then smell it first.
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Don't know anything about film, but if the stockpile isn't too small and the trip is important, I would try a roll out before leaving.
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