Google Maps and iOS podcasts not getting along
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The behavior of Google Maps and iOS podcasts over bluetooth has changed recently for unknown reasons (maybe iOS 10.2) and I want it to change back.

Until recently, while driving in my car and listening to podcasts over bluetooth, if I started Google Maps navigation, all spoken directions would play loudly over a slightly muted podcast. If I am listening to music, the same would happen.

In the past few days, it has started pausing the podcast (which I'd rather it not do) but even worse, for some reason the spoken directions are never heard. I've even tried turning my volume up much higher during the navigation pauses, and don't hear anything.

If I switch to "play as bluetooth phone call" it makes my car audio system switch between music/phone so often that this is not a practical solution (it often cuts off both the navigation and podcast audio during transitions). I should note that music continues to function as expected (no pausing of music, volume is reduced slightly).

Googling this is really tough because many people seem to want a specific solution here and I'm in the minority.

My desired outcome would be for the podcasts playback to function identical to music - do not pause, a slight muting. I've found that Apple Maps (an app I never use) does seem to have some setting that causes "spoken audio" to pause during navigation, but nothing reveals that this has carried over to Google Maps.

If it matters, I am using a Toyota factory head unit in a 2014 Prius C. It feels like my stereo may be to blame, but nothing has changed with that piece of equipment while my phone and apps update all the time.
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It's not just you, I had the same issues on Android. The only thing that seemed to help as making sure that Google Maps is in Bluetooth mode
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