Home fragrance oil recs?
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So I just came across this lovely thread, and thought to myself – what about home fragrance oils?

Over the past couple of days I've found myself searching for fragrance oils to use throughout the house. In the past I've purchased small amounts of oils from Bath and Body Works, I think they were known as White Barn oils, or something to that effect. Cherry Blossom was my scent of choice, though I am open to warmer notes. Now it seems that they're no longer being offered. Sure I can scour eBay and try to grab a few there, but I think I'd like to try something new.

Any recommendations on some high-quality fragrance oils to be used in my burners? The only prereqs are: high-quality, deliciously scented, and on the affordable end of the spectrum.
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It's essential oils not a fragrance oil as such but I am addicted to the smell of this blend. Though you don't say what sort of burners you use so I'm not sure if it's compatible. A bottle lasts for ages as I just use a drop or 2 in my infuser.


They also do heaps of other blends too, while they don't do anything near to the Cherry Blossom scent (I have the body lotion & love the smell too) they do have a large range of blends. The only thing to watch is unlike fragrance oils prices will vary as some essential oils are more expensive than others to produce.
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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is an online retailer that sells hundreds of wonderful scented oils, any of which can be used in an oil burner. I use them as perfume, and they are quite affordable as wearable perfumes go, but I'm not sure how much you would go through burning the oil. They also sell room sprays.
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Due to my recent foray into soap making, I discovered that online soap supply places have lots of nice fragrance oils and essential oils, together with nice descriptions of them. Brambleberry is one. They seem to work in my burner just fine.
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Excellent resources. Thank you all!
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