Your experience with air fryers
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There was a question about air fryers in 2013, but I figure they've become more popular since then plus there have probably been changes and improvements. I'm not finding any other sites I trust with good reviews, and the variety makes the Amazon reviews seem really overwhelming. I'm running into almost no brands I've heard of, but I love my Blendtec blender, and that's a brand I'd never heard of either. A few snowflakes coming.

I eat a mostly vegan diet and want to keep my consumption of oil as low as possible, so something that fries without added oil would be best. If I get one, I'd like to get rid of my toaster oven, and I've seen some reviews that say the air fryer can replace it. (I mostly use the toaster oven for warming up pizza and a few frozen convenience foods.) I would like to be able to make fries with white potatoes and sweet potatoes. So MeFites, do you have experience with an air fryer? Details are much appreciated. Please share.
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We have a tefal actifry and use it 3-4 times a week to make low-oil fries or roast potatoes. It also makes good sausages (veggie or meat) and does a great job with tofu (particularly if you freeze and thaw the tofu and squeeze the excess water out before frying). It uses about a tablespoon of oil (or you could use a low-cal spray like Pam if you must but the taste isn't as good) and our newest version cooks really good fries from chopped fresh potatoes in around 30 minutes. We love it. However, I don't think the actifry could replace a toaster oven as there are many things it doesn't do well. Anything that would be broken apart by the paddle that goes round and round stirring the food as it cooks wouldn't do well, for example.

We find the actifry tends to break down after about a year or so of use. Therefore we buy ours from a shop with a great return policy and we buy the extended warranty (Argos in the UK). We've had four Actifrys so far and just have to buy a new warranty each time it's replaced. Normally extended warranties are a rip-off but for his product they're very worthwhile.
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We love our actifry! We only use it for potatoes, but they are the best. I'll be roasting some for New Year's dinner tomorrow. I've heard you can take out the paddle and use it for general hot air oven purposes like pizza warming, but I haven't tried. (BTW, my daughter insists pizzas must be warmed on a hot griddle)
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OK I checked out my local community and it seems people do everything in their actifry: heat up all sorts of frozen goods, bake breakfast rolls from scratch, cook all sorts of vegs. There seems to be an app for inspiration - search for my actifry.
It's a big machine, but if you throw out your toaster oven it might be OK. Go look at it at a physical store, though.
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We bought this Oyama tabletop convection oven after the plastic dome on our NuWave cracked. I was quite disappointed with the NuWave as we had owned it for less than a year. Replacement NuWave domes cost almost as much as a whole new appliance. Online reviewers also complain about the NuWave dome.

When researching a replacement for the NuWave, I specifically looked for something that was not plastic. That seems to be a weak point for breakage in kitchen appliances we've owned (food grinder, blender, air fryer). I had never heard of the brand Oyama prior to purchasing this. My top reasons for liking the Oyama:

- The glass bowl is so much easier to clean compared to the plastic dome on the old appliance. I could never get food stains out of the plastic.
- The glass bowl can multitask as a large food prep bowl or storage container.

My only complaint is that the metal stand to hold the somewhat heavy lid when it is not in use does not actually hold the lid well. We just put the lid down onto a plate or some other type of tray, and that works out well.
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