Recommendations for Android Home Inventory Apps
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You use an Android Home Inventory App and you love it (or at least like it) - please tell me about it.

I've been using an app called Shelves to create a catalog of my possessions and household items for tracking/insurance purposes. It went open source in 2015 and sadly/understandably has not been updated since then. One of the reasons I like Shelves so much and have kept on using it, even though there are other home inventory apps with some very nice features (e.g., Magic Home Inventory) is that Shelves allows users to scan the bar code on an item and then search against Amazon's database (the app could be checking other databases as well, but I haven't taken a look at the source code) for that bar code, allowing users to easily/quickly import data for the item into Shelves. This system made cataloging all my media items and many non-media items a very quick and easy process.

I would like to move to a more robust home inventory app that's currently being supported, but everything I've checked so far doesn't have this bar code scanning feature that Shelves does or doesn't allow import from txt (or xml/csv) (e.g. Inventory). I've checked out business inventory apps, e.g., Barcodery, which would otherwise be almost perfect for my purposes, but it's subscription only and the options for personal use are just way too limited and expensive. I'm willing and happy to pay for a suitable app, but I really want to avoid the very expensive subscription fees that most of the inventory apps seem to have.

If you use an inventory app on your Android device currently and you like it, I'd love to hear about your experience. I'm really interested in hearing about anything that 1.) incorporates bar code scanning/searching against an online database; 2.) allows users to add personal photos of items; 3.) allows import/export in csv (or xml, txt) (I would really love to avoid scanning my stupidly large book collection again); and 4.) is either a one-time only purchase or has very low subscription fees (e.g., 1-2 dollars a month). Criteria 1 and 3 are must-haves, 2 and 4 would be very nice to have.
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I've heard great things about Airtable.
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Thanks, oceanjesse. I checked Airtable out - almost meets all my requirements. Airtable supports barcode scanning, but I need something that will check against databases like Amazon's for matches.
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Maybe you could use it with Workflow? Which Apple just bought? ...the android equivalent I guess?
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