Vegan AND gluten-free brunch recipes?
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As it says up top, I'm looking for vegan and gluten-free brunch recipes/ideas to accommodate family members in both camps. I'd like to have enough options so that the vegans and celiacs can sample widely. Please share any ideas beyond hummus and fruit salad... Thanks in advance!
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This incredibly delicious cauliflower pate substitute can be made vegan (stock and oil instead of cream and butter). It can be served on toast (both gluten-full and gluten-free, though it calls for soy sauce, which is not always GF). We had it at Christmas as part of a brunch spread.
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Also, this vegan version of a Turkish egg dish (tofu subbed for eggs) is a pretty delicious breakfast. I don't think there are any gluten issues with it (but I don't really know, so I could be missing something)
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Breakfast nachos, tofu scramble & grits, banana bread (recipe has gluten, but I've tried it with flour subs and an AP gluten-free mix should work), buckwheat pancakes.

Oh, I've been meaning to try that menemen recipe above, that looks great!
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As a non-vegan non-gluten-free person, I make and eat this vegan gluten-free mushroom lentil loaf all the time. It's a "main dish" but would make a good brunch food, especially if you choose the pan to make portions smaller, like a mini muffin pan, or just do a pre-slice and arrange to have half-size slices.
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Chia seed pudding made with almond or soy milk! You can top it with gluten-free granola and/or a berry compote.
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Baked apples, home fries or sweet potato home fries, vegan chocolate mousse, avocado toast on gluten free bread or rice cakes, vegan vegetable gratin, such as this zucchini one.

These two are not super brunchy but are delicious: butternut squash soup or roasted cauliflower soup (many recipes call for cream and chicken broth but you can leave out the cream and sub vegetable broth and its still creamy and yummy).
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How about a delicious gluten-free granola? YUM!
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I can vouch for this type of almond meal pancake. If you want to get fancy, fold in whipped aquafaba as per this recipe to make them fluffier & lighter.
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How about a vegan baked oatmeal? Make sure your oats are GF. Here is a good recipe for an apple-cinnamon-raisin one. Bonus: I have had good luck making baked oatmeals like this ahead of time and reheating as needed in a moderate oven.

Or maybe a vegan frittata? This recipe is by the Queen of Vegan Brunch and you could sub any leafy green you like for the Swiss chard (kale or spinach are good if Swiss chard isn't your thing).
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Socca with various topics on the side—tomato sauce, roasted veggies, scrambled tofu, etc.
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I cook a lot, vegan but not gluten-free, and I get many of my recipes and general cooking ideas/tips from Pinterest.

Considering the frequency with which I find vegan recipes that are also gluten-free and seem tasty enough for me to bother playing around with them to make them glutinous again, I think you'll have good luck finding a recipe that suits you there.
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What about something like huevos rancheros (subbing the egg with tofu scramble) or chilaquiles? You can use corn tortillas, offer hot refried and black beans as toppings, offer a variety of vegan-friendly condiments like salsa, guacamole, vegan sour cream, maybe even cheeze if you know of one you like.
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Vegan ceviche with corn tortilla chips.
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Steamed asparagus with dijon vinaigrete

scrambled tofu

cubed, marinated, baked tofu

pozole verde

any quinoa recipe, possibly with raisins and pine nuts

hash browns

fake sausage

braised potatoes with rosemary and soy butter

vegan gluten-free waffles
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That banana bread recipe above would go GF well--most stuff with a fruit puree component does. The texture is more forgiving. King Arthur's GF cup for cup flour gets good reviews and will give you a better result than if you substitute all rice flour or something. (And just in case, this post on how to cook for your celiac friends is really helpful imo.)
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I recently ate at By Chloe in New York City and they had a fun, casual brunch menu that's worth checking out for more inspiration.

The best thing I had was actually the simplest:

AB&B Toast
- Gluten free bread, toasted (great reference above by purple_bird about being celiac safe)
- Layer of almond butter
- Layer of sliced bananas
- Maple syrup, drizzled
- Dash of salt

Thanks on their behalf for being so accommodating!
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A fruit cobbler (heavy on the fruit, light on the sugar) will be familiar to all. I've used this one as a jumping off point. Serve it with a soy or coconut yogurt and no one will feel deprived.
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This cookbook might prove useful.
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Form little cups of quinoa wrap in a muffin tin and toast lightly in the oven until they hold their shape. Fill with caramelized onion and sauteed mushrooms and top with sweet chili sauce (read the label to find a gluten free one). Garnish with chopped pine nuts and chives.
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Soba noodle salads are tasty, vegan and gluten-free. My new favorite food.
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These are great suggestions, thanks!
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