No you can't live under the stove
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We are moving into a new house, and I discovered this morning that my cats can hide under the stove. This is the stove in question. Since we are still moving, I have it blocked off with boxes for the moment. What can I use that will be safe longer term to keep my cats from hiding underneath it? The stove is inset in the counter, so it's only the front that has a gap for them. (Obligatory cat pictures - Quasar and Zenith)
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In the past with this issue, though it was more to keep cat toys from ending up under there, my honey has used just a wooden board. Might not be the most aesthetically pleasing but it does the trick. Most Home Depot-type stores will cut lumber to measure, too.
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You could buy their toe kick panel? I think that would cover the gap.
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They'll figure it out eventually, really. You only have to worry about it when you're cooking, which means you're present at the oven, and they won't go under it when it's hot.

It's pretty common for cats to find a hidey-spot that lets them observe when they move. Source: all of my 6 (lifetime so far) cats have done this. They'll forget about it once they start feeling comfortable.
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I would just let them work it out. Many of my cats have liked to sleep ON the stovetop, but they aren't dummies - they know whether or not it's too hot.
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Thats a very nice stove! And nice cats! I'd go with the manufacturers panel, or if you are handy, just get a bit of sheet metal to fit, drill small holes for ventilation and then jam/fix it in place. In the meantime, chicken wire netting is easy to cut and wrapped around the legs on either end would keep small feline out....its just not quite the right aesthetic.
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I agree about not worrying about it. One of my cats, as a kitten, kept getting stuck behind the stove, which required several very annoying rescue missions, but as an adult he still hides beneath the stove, and it's never been a problem (and my stove's a big, old, Wedgewood stove that probably does not have nearly as many safety features as the stove you've linked to!).
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and they won't go under it when it's hot

Uhhhh I see you've only had smart cats

I have had to literally prevent one of mine (the intrepid, stupid one) from jumping into an actual fire, in an actual fire place, with actual flames.

He also once burned off half his front whiskers when I turned by back from the stove.

I would armor that thing the fuck up. The toe thing, or just a metal plate from Home Depot or something. I do not trust pets not to kill themselves.

Maybe yours aren't the same combination of brave, naive, and lacking all knowledge of mortality, though.
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As someone whose cats are also of very little brain, I will second the manufacturer's kick plate.
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One of the two of them is very dim, so I'm thinking we'll just pick up the kick plate. Thanks! I had no idea those were a thing you could get!
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Get the kick plate, but make sure it goes all the way around the bottom of the stove. I have had problems with cats getting in to tight spaces and being unable to figure out how to get out.

The kick plate will also prevent you from having to retrieve things that were chased/swept under the stove!
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I would also see if you can redirect them to an appropriate place they'll like better, because once my jerkface gets an ACCESS DENIED signal like a closed door, he just redoubles his efforts to get in. It depends on how bombproof the kickplate is.
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If necessary, and you're handy with a welding torch, you could encase the entire thing in sheet metal and reinforced copper plating.
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We have the same, or nearly the same, stoven! And the day we got Pico, he immediately made a beeline to under the stoven.

Our stopgap measure was gaff-taping a band of a polypropelene sheet to the bottom of the stove, until we figured out something better... We've measured and found that the bottom of the stoven doesn't get warm when we're cooking, so we never bothered upgrading.

He's stopped trying to get in, so we could take it down, but ... I like being unaware of what scary things are under the stoven.
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I love you for naming your cats after Moss & Jen's imaginary children. That is all.
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