What band is in this poster?
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Internet detectives, can you identify the band that is in this poster? A friend found this in an old jazz record, and he's trying to determine both the band and the album that this poster was associated with. My Google skills were not up to the challenge.
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Serious question: Was there no information printed on the record itself?
Assuming no, you/he could try playing the record and holding it up to a phone or laptop running Shazam to see if the music is in their database.
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Response by poster: I believe that this poster was included in the sleeve of a different band's album.
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Best answer: The band is Heaven 17. Best known for their classic pop hit Temptation
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Response by poster: Thanks, oh pollo! And wow, is that a terrible song.
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Best answer: They are Heaven 17. They have also helped Tina Turner relaunch her career in the early eighties and produced a classy number with Jimmy Ruffin, "Foolish thing to do" .
This blog post associates the picture with their first album, "Penthouse and Pavement".
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I thought Heaven 17's most popular song was Let Me Go. I must have forgotten about their association with Tina Turner. Heaven 17 was very important and I think Let Me Go still holds up.

Someone will cherish that poster so I hope it gets handled with care and makes it to eBay or similar.
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They're mentioned in "A Clockwork Orange" 'way back in 1972, didja know.
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The song of theirs I knew was "We Don't Need This Fascist Groove Thang." Also "Let Me Go."
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