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What are books, movies, TV shows, or other media that contain time-travelling or dimension-hopping cats? Cats that can talk or perform magic but do not have the referenced abilities need not apply.
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Best answer: The Cat Returns is the only one I can think of. It's a gorgeous animated movie.
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Best answer: Time Cat: The Remarkable Journeys of Jason and Gareth by Lloyd Alexander. "Jason learns that his cat, Gareth, is able to talk and has the power to travel to nine different points in world history (his "nine lives")."
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Best answer: The Cheshire Cat, now Unitary Authority of Warrington Cat, from the Thursday Next books, definitely has some "intertextual" abilities.
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Best answer: Heinlein's The Cat Who Walks Through Walls comes to mind, though he's quite a small element of the novel.
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Best answer: Coraline

Obscure but there's a mission in The Witcher 3 called Scenes from a Marrige with a dimension traveling cat and dog. I'm sure you could fine video of the cutscenes.
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Best answer: Throgmorton in The Lives of Christopher Chant travels from one world to another.
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Best answer: The Time-Travelling Cat and the Great Victorian Stink, by Julia Jarmon, "is one in a series of eight books about a boy named Topher who lives in London with his time-traveling pet cat, Ka."
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Best answer: The cats of Ulthar in Lovecraft's "Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath" can "jump" to the dream world's Moon.
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Are you willing to count "Red Dwarf"'s Cat as a cat? Red Dwarf crew to head back to 1950s as new series explores "big issues"
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"A film featuring Japan’s iconic robotic feline Doraemon has taken Chinese box offices by storm. It’s been so successful that it’s even led some to credit the movie with helping to speed the thawing of recent Sino-Japanese diplomatic animosities. ...For the uninitiated, Doraemon is a time-travelling, blue robotic cat from the 22nd century, who was dreamt up by the manga writing team Fujiko Fujio in the late 1960s. Doraemon is sent back in time to be a guardian angel to dorky pre-teen schoolboy Nobita Noi."
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Diane Duane's cat wizards monitor and care for interdimensional gates that they and other wizards hop through. She has two books about them specifically and I think they make appearances in her other Young Wizard books. The books are "The Book of Night With Moon" and "To Visit the Queen." I think she may have indie published the third, "The Big Meow."
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The pilot episode of this TV adaptation of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency centres around a time-travelling cat.
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Alanna's cat Faithful in Tamora Puerce's Song of the Lioness Quartet is also a constellation who is a companion of the Great Mother Goddess. He also appears several hundred years earlier as Beka Cooper's cat Pounce in a Pierce trilogy; in that one he is more open about being a constellation and having other duties to attend to among the stars.
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Diane Duane's Feline Wizards series, which includes alternate timelines and time travel back to the Victorian age: Book of Night with Moon, To Visit the Queen.
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It's a little complicated to explain but there's Bulgakov's *The Master and the Margarita.*

I'll let Wikipedia try:

Бегемот (meaning "hippopotamus" in Russian) [is] An enormous demonic black cat (said to be as large as a hog) who speaks, walks on two legs, and can even transform to human shape for brief periods. He has a penchant for chess, vodka, pistols, and obnoxious sarcasm. He is evidently the least-respected member of Woland's team — even Margarita boldly takes to slapping Behemoth on the head after one of his many ill-timed jokes, without fear of retribution. In the last chapters it appears that Behemoth is a demon pageboy, the best clown in the world, who paid off his debt by serving Satan in his Moscow journey.
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Also The Cat in the Hat.
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IIRC, one of Clan Korval's cats came to Anthora's aid when she was captured by the Department of the Interior. Unfortunately, I don't remember which book that was in.
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Maybe the travels of the cats in Cat Soup will work for you.
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Check out Bee and Puppycat, a surreal, charming animated series. Here is the first episode.
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Assignment: Earth from the original Star Trek.
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Different versions of Sabrina the Teenage Witch's cat, Salem, could teleport.
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Fritz Leiber's Spacetime for Springers. It's unclear whether Gummitch can actually teleport or only thinks he can teleport - it's sort of an unreliable-narrator kind of story, but what do you really expect from a story told by a kitten. You should check out this short story, if only because it's fantastic and short, and will only take 15 minutes of your time.
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I am going to say that Moggot, a free magic creature bound to a cat body in the Old Kingdom (Abhorsen) series counts. Ish.
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Early Edition! A cat brings a dude a newspaper from the future and he has to solve its problems. It is a tv show from the nineties.
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As galvanized unicorn mentions, Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch applies. He could time travel, as noted in that wiki.
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Not sure if Ghost Cat would count, but it does have the bonus joy of teenage Ellen Page.
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