Looking for remote-friendly software leads in NYC
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I'm interested in software engineering positions at NYC-based companies that support remote working. Got any leads? Special snowflake details within.

I am currently employed and have experience working remotely plus well over a decade of software industry experience. I'd like to explore my options, but most career sites just end up showing the companies with the biggest recruiting budget. Things that are important to me are:
  1. Socially-positive mission
  2. Interesting technical challenges
  3. Fair compensation
I know those are all subjective, so most importantly I'm trying to gather leads for any positions for NYC-based organizations that support working remotely and I can winnow it down from there.
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Digital Ocean is HQ'ed in NYC and very remote friendly.
Kickstarter has been known to hire remote but I'm not sure how common that is. Same with Etsy.
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Not exactly answering the question, but the thing about remote work it's that the company can be anywhere, or at least in any time zone you don't mind having to pay attention to.
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I have my reasons for wanting the company to be based in NYC.
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StackOverflow's jobs site has a lot of postings and allows you to filter by "allows remote"
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