Spanish travel phrases audiobook?
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In the past I've gotten a CD that comes with a Spanish phrasebook that's has you practice "Where's the bathroom?", "My appendix just burst", etc. Is there one you'd recommend? My preference is for something about an hour long, downloadable, and non-interactive (so I can listen in the car). Bonus points for Mexican Spanish and a one-time purchase, so I don't have to deal with an Audible subscription.
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I've been using a set of Pimsleur CDs --- practical language (more "where is the restaurant?" than "this is a pencil"), short lessons, verbal only (no phrasebooks), and since it's CDs its easy to play in my car.

(Okay, I'm old-fashioned, but yes I do still like CDs over downloads.)
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Just a note: Mexican Spanish is closer to Spain Spanish than Caribbean Spanish is. So if you can't find something specifically Mexican, opt for Spaniard. Caveat: never use the verb "coger" (to catch or grab"), which Spaniards use a lot but is a horrible vulgarity in many parts of Hispanic America.
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