best web hosting?
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Who offers the best web hosting with the 1) simple tools for designing and developing a website, 2) lots of space, 3) reasonable fees?

I want something where I can design, manage, and share music, images, video, and text seamlessly. I have neither the inclination (e.g. I don't use html) nor time to learn complex applications and I can't spend much money on it. I've looked at other posts about services to avoid but not services that would suit my needs. Is .mac any good? What is available?
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Myspace? If it's easy enough for 12 year old girls obsessed with boy bands, you should be able to tackle it.
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.Mac is currently based around a limited number of unsatisfactory templates, and I would suggest that it is not good value for money. Apple will apparently be introducing something called .Web or iWeb or something tomorrow, which some rumours suggest will be exactly what you're looking for.
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Sorry, that should be some rumour sites.
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You should take a look at the answers when a very similar question was asked on Ask Lifehacker.
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I'll probably get snarked heavily for this, but we have used Yahoo Webhosting Starter for 2 years now, and it was extremely easy. Their WYSIWYG Sitebuider software works very well IMHO. The cost is only 8.95/Mo currently, and we even got a free .com domain name. Perhaps there are reasons not to use Yahoo, but I haven't found any.
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I've been using them for almost two years. For $4.95 USD a month you get 600 mb storage, 20 gb transfer and the ability to host 5 domains.

Their customer support is fast but don't expect anything close to 100% uptime. I noticed that sometimes late at night (Eastern Standard Time) my site will be unavailable for an hour or so.
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I checked out the Lifehacker thread and it really covers my question...way. I'll also check out Yahoo. Thanks everyone!
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