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I have a Kobo Aura H20. I use calibre to keep track of my books, which are stripped of DRM. Three questions: A) Calibre doesn't recognize the Kobo as an ereader. I have to use the save-to-disk not save-to-device function. How do I fix this? B) How do I take books off my Kobo but keep highlights/annotations etc.? C) Given that I've put the books on the Kobo using Calibre, not Kobo software, can I sync reading across decices, so I could, say, pick up where I left off on my phone if I don't have the Kobo with me?

Just FYI: My books are legal, this is not a question about piracy and I'm not looking for opinions on the ethics of stripping DRM from books.
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How current is your copy of Calibre? I saw fixes specifically for the Kobo in recent revs of Calibre -- like, in the last couple of weeks. I think December 23 they released version 2.75.1 or so.

(I use Calibre for a Kindle, though, so what do I know?)
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(If you don't get all your answers you might try asking at the mobilereads Kobo forum.)
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You likely want to update Calibre and install one of the Kobo Calibre plugins. The latter will allow you to save annotations and such.

I'm not sure about cross-device sync since I never use that, but if you don't find help at MobileRead I'd be happy to help troubleshoot (Kobo Touch for me, but should be similar.)
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Kobo Utilities is the Calibre plugin I generally use. Mostly I use it because it's the easiest way to make sure my collection titles/tags and series info work properly. It does have some options for saving reading states across devices. I'm not clear on what the best way to do that without using Calibre as an intermediary for each device would be. (I don't really go anywhere without my reader, so it's never come up.)
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