Japanese sample based hip-hop and copyright law
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Hello, I started noticing a lot of sample based hip hop originating From Japan like the magically named Mass-Hole and others That I'm just learning about. I'm under the impression that this sort of production became impractical for most of the world as the sample clearance costs were so high. Is this the case in Japan? Or are folks just cobbling together original performances to sample? In any case it's a fun Spotify score. Thanks!
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Best answer: Can't help you with information about Japan, but I can refute your central premise! I wouldn't really agree that sample heavy production is impractical or out of style. Sure, Jay-Z probably has a legal team work for a month to clear stuff before he releases an album. Smaller artists though might be a little more careful about what they sample, or just say 'fuck it' and sidestep clearance by releasing mixtapes. (Or just say 'fuck it' and not bother clearing stuff at all).

The one Mass-Hole song that I listened to sounded a lot like Dipset production (A-Trak, Just Blaze, Araabmuzik). All three of those dudes are happy to use samples quite a bit.

The other Mass-Hole song I listened to sounded a lot more boom-bap, along the lines of these producers: Statik Selektah, Marco Polo and even Snowgoons.
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Response by poster: Thanks for posting that live video! In retrospect I should have mentioned
That this question originated when I saw new vinyl on sale thru twitter from the big Tokyo music chain Diskunion, and it got me ta thankin' about the legal aspects of Japanese producers dropping domestic product. Like you mentioned folks in Japan working with well established us producers probably shouldn't come as a surprise to me. Also all of the side-stepping is fantastic and has made for some really great tunes over the years and it does seem like I haven't heard about anyone getting their loops pulled for awhile, but I'm not in the mix literally or figuratively as much as I once was...
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