MLK Weekend Retreat on the East Coast
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I am looking for somewhere on the East Coast (home is Washington D.C.) that I can go for a three-/four-day retreat for the Jan. 13-16 long weekend. Basically, I am coming out of the first trimester from hell, have a cranky 1.5-year-old, and just need to go *somewhere* alone where I can get some peace and quiet, enjoy nature, read a few good books, and hopefully get fed delicious food. I am not particularly interested in learning things, meeting new people, participating in activities, or being around anything too crunchy. A few people have pointed me to the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health or Omega, though they both seem a bit quinoa and yoga-y (if that's a phrase). Any other suggestions?
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How do you feel about wolves? Speedwell Forge B&B, Lititz (-ish), Pa. Quiet setting and within easy driving distance of both Lititz and Lancaster.
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Can you get the mods to update with any budget constraints/limits? I would totally go to the Inn at Little Washington if I were you, but it is not cheap!

The Black Bass Hotel in Pennsylvania is nice and would fit your criteria I think. Beautiful area and good food there and nearby.
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As for Kripalu & Omega: Kripalu is way more yoga-y and woo than Omega is. It's also way more expensive for solo lodging. Sadly only Kripalu is open at this time of year, so neither is a good option (but for future ref, Omega would be great if you want a may-oct retreat [best in jun-aug if you care about swimming in a gorgeous lake]).
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The Omni Bedford Springs resort, about a 2.5 hour drive for you, I'd reckon, is spendy but lovely even in winter, and there's a natural springs spa that is 1000% worth the $65 "Bedford Bath Ritual" (hang out in there as long as you want) and also an indoor spring-fed pool that is historic, beautiful and great for lolling around on a deck chair, smothered in plentiful fluffy white towels, and reading. There are several hiking trails on the property. The three restaurants on the property are quite good (the veggie burger in the pub is unexpectedly amaze) and nearby Bedford the town has recently become much hipper when it comes to farm-to-table type restaurants.

Source: my own annual omg too much preschooler send help escapes.
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Every time I've needed such, I've just found a good deal on a hotel within an hour drive, using priceline or Expedia etc. And it's been perfect. I hit a bookstore, get takeout (usually Indian), and retire for the night. The next day, I've walked along the lake, or gone to a movie, or just had breakfast at the hotel restaurant and gone back to bed. A swim, or a long hot shower. It's all bliss.

I usually book a Hilton, and I end up in Burlington, ON.

Anyways, given your needs, while fancy and specific (yoga or b&b) is nice, I found anything beyond away was not necessary. I couldn't even get a pedicure cause it involved touching and I was touched out.
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What about heading to a B&B on Martha's Vineyard or Cape Cod. It will be COLD but you will likely find plenty of peace and quiet and perhaps a grateful innkeeper.
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The Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg (expensive but great) and the Atlantic Hotel in Berlin, MD are my go-tos for this type of getaway. I'll probably be in Berlin at some point in January too, as my visit there last January is a highlight of my year.

In Williamsburg, there are several nice parks to visit, the resort has great food, and the rooms are sweet/beds are comfy and the spa is nice. Near Berlin is Assateague beach for some solitary and windy walking, plus some excellent restaurants and good local beer. Oh, and antiques if you're into that.
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For a cheaper alternative, I've gone to Luray and really enjoyed myself. We got a cabin on a river through VRBO that was a short drive to good hikes and downtown Luray and has a very reasonable rate. There's no knockout food options that I know of, though.
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Mohonk Mountain House in the Hudson Valley of NY.
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Do you have a car? If so, I'd recommend Central Virginia. Charlottesville is about 2.5 hr away from you and has great nature-y stuff (both in town like the Monticello-Saunders, and in the mountains about 20 minutes away) and fantastic food. You can stay in a normal house on AirBNB, or a fancy (regular) B&B, or one of the standard-issue hotels along the pedestrian mall. Bonus: the pedestrian mall has the best used bookstore, Daedalus Books, after Powell's, and also has some of the best restaurants in town. MLK weekend is in the intersession between January term and Spring semester, so the town will be quiet and hotel rates would probably be low. January can get icy but is not noticeably worse than DC, except along Rt 29 which was a traffic snarl all four years I lived there.
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Roslyn in Richmond VA is a center that's geared mainly towards group retreats (I've attended a couple), but they also take individuals doing personal retreats. No forced anything, lovely grounds to walk, river views, wonderful wood-burning fireplaces. You could even Amtrak down then grab an Uber from the train station if you didn't want to bother driving. The food is excellent, although their personal retreat FAQ notes that it's only available if a group purchasing meals is onsite.
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I'm heading to an Airbnb in Saugerties, NY for exactly the same reason. The Catskills are good if you have access to a car - the towns are all kind of tiny, so it's easy to get somewhere for good food and then it's a short drive to get the hell out and get to peace and quiet and isolation.
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I like to do this in or around Rehoboth Beach DE. I can go out and be social, or just chill. Bonus that you are not too far away if something comes up.
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