Quiet place to read a book + have a drink on NYE in NYC?
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All my closest friends are out of town for New Year's Eve, and I'd like to find a quiet spot in the city, have a drink or two, and read a book for awhile. Any ideas of where I can do this?

The vibe I'm looking for is a hotel bar, but I assume things will be unusually busy during the holiday. Does anyone know of a potentially quiet, semi-anonymous, normal-to-be-alone, and not super-sterile spot of some kind, preferably in Manhattan? Or a hotel bar that is likely to be fairly quiet and semi-empty, but not super-grim? Thanks for any ideas.
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You might check out Hudson Bar and Books. Caveat: they allow cigar smoking there. There are three in the City: West Village, Yorkville, and Beekman Place.
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Serious question: if you want a quiet place to sit and read on New Year's Eve, then why go to a bar at all? Why not get a bottle of your favorite drink and enjoy it while you read at home?

There is a ton of social pressure to DO SOMETHING on NYE, but it's really just another midwinter night. In fact, it's one of the worst nights to go out if you don't want to deal with noise and crowds.

If you want to do something mellow to commemorate the new year, planning to watch the last sunset and/or first sunrise can be pretty cool.
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Just to be annoyingly clear about my intention: I have absolutely no desire to sit at home on NYE. I love being out and about in this magical city, and the idea of sitting around in my apartment on that particular night is just not what I want. Believe me, I spend plenty of time relaxing at home in front of my sweet fake fireplace with my cat, but it is completely different to experience NYC energy, even in a quiet spot, with the bustle going on just outside. Okay, enough of my love letter to the city.
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Burp Castle. No idea what it's like on NYE, but it's a bar with a bartender that will sit there reading a book quietly, and literally, scoldingly 'shush' the room when the volume of conversation creeps up too far. It's pretty great.
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I moved from NYC 7 years ago but actually thought Burp Castle when I saw your question!
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The Library at the Public Theatre has the vibe you're looking for. I haven't been there on NYE but you need reservations so it can't get too crowded.
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maybe a boutique hotel lobby?
also try 'low key new years eve' in the big google machine...
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