iPhone App to Quickly Access Connected Bluetooth Devices?
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I am NOT talking about swiping up to turn Bluetooth on or off completely via the Control Center.

Is there an iPhone app that will allow me to quickly access connected Bluetooth devices?

*I am NOT talking about swiping up to turn Bluetooth on or off completely via the Control Center!!*

Instead of opening my Settings app, going into Bluetooth, finding the device on my list, tapping the device, and then finally being able to disconnect it, I would like a shortcut/app on my phone that brings me to the same place with just one tap. I have been all around the AppStore, and I have come up empty-handed.

Real life scenario: I keep my Bluetooth enabled on my iPhone because I connect to various Bluetooth devices throughout the day. But, when my kids turn on the soundbar for the TV, my phone connects to it automatically, and therefore I cannot hear any alerts on my phone as they are being sent to the soundbar. I would like to just tap an app to disconnect (but not 'forget') the soundbar. I do not want to turn off Bluetooth entirely because I have been forgetting to turn Bluetooth back on later when I already need to be using it.
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On the iPhone 6S and 7 you can do the 3d touch thing on the Settings app to quickly open Bluetooth. Otherwise, probably not. Android has a bunch of settings shortcut apps but not in iOS.
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I have an iPhone 5C (although it is running iOS 10.2). I should have mentioned this.
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Does this help?

-Swipe up from the bottom to open Control Center
-Then swipe to the right in Control Center to get to the audio output page - you can select phone speakers, headphones, or the bluetooth audio devices to which you're paired.

I'm not sure if this is Overcast (podcast app) only or system alerts too.
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