NYC new years eve... non-bar edition
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For New Years Eve, we usually have a big group and just hit a local bar that's having a party. This year it's just me and one or two other friends, and I'm not really feeling like hanging around a noisy, crowded bar all night. I'd love to come up with something a little less typical. Any suggestions?

I got all caught up in work and stuff this year, and forgot to plan anything for New Years! Most of my friends are out of town or otherwise out of commission, so it's probably just going to be me and one or two others. Anything fun going on in NYE that's different than our typical Saturday night of bar hopping and movies?

I'm in Northern Brooklyn, so anything in Brooklyn/Queens/Manhattan is good. Up to $100 a person. Um... we like interactive theater, live music, film, weird art, whatever you can come with. I've been to some amazing events at Greenwood Cemetery this past year but.... it'll be too cold to tromp around outside in December, I would think.

If it matters, I'm a woman in my mid 30s. Throw some suggestions at me!
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You can go see Manifesto at the Park Avenue Armory (12-4 pm on NYE). And the Pipilotti Rist show Pixel Forest at the New Museum will be open that day from 11-6.
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I like going out for late dinner on NYE. Yes, lots of restaurants take advantage of the situation to force you into a mediocre overpriced prix-fixe menu with a "complimentary" crappy champagne toast. But some of them--the neighborhood gems, the family joints, the labors of love, the places I love and am a regular--have really nice, special dinners that are a lot of fun to attend with a partner or a few friends or even alone. If that sounds like your thing, start asking around at your favorite places.
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Did you see the list from the Skint? Free rides/fireworks at Coney Island, among other things.
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We usually do the Central Park fireworks/4 mile race. Plenty of people bring flasks.
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Apparently Prospect Park's fireworks this year will be extra nice. I've enjoyed them in the past. According to the current forecast it's not gonna be suuuuper cold Saturday--35-40 degrees, ymmv.

I agree with rhiannonstone about dinners, too, but don't have any specific restaurant recs at the moment.

(I am so sad that Pratt doesn't have steam whistles anymore, totally knocks my Mefite-recommended cool NYE times for a loop, so am interested in this thread!)
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The Prospect Park fireworks are really fun. When I've gone in the past, I've brought a thermos of hot cocoa to share. You do need to layer up, it gets pretty cold standing around by Grand Army Plaza in the middle of the December night.
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I think it would be fun to bring a bottle or three of Champagne (if you are drinkers) and a giant Thermos full of decadently rich hot cocoa to the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge and see the New Year in there. Also, bring some extra cups and flag down any non-scary looking passers-by at the time to join in.
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