Proven Nursing Bra that supports large chest
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38D pre-pregnancy and now measured to a 38DDD/E - what nursing bra to you recommend? Must be supportive!

I've a drawer full of Ambrielle Full Figure balconette bras in 38D as I found those most supportive, but now that I'm nursing I am in desperate need of supportive bras in my new size. I bought three 38DDD bras from Motherhood Maternity and they do nothing to lift my boobs which cause me to hunch over and hurt my back. So large chested nursing moms - any luck finding a supportive nursing underwrite bra? Or does anyone recommend a tutorial to convert a regular bra into a nursing one succcessfully? Thank you in advance
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*underwire not underwrite
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Bella Materna nursing bras are the best, particularly for women with larger cup sizes. After I got those I threw out all the other ones I'd had before.
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I was slightly too busty for the Freya Pure or Anita underwire, but they seemed well made, comfortable, and widely recommended.

Despite the lack of underwrite, Cake Sorbet and Elomi Beatrice are really supportive. Both have new flexiwire models which might be even better. (Unfortunately the Elomi has really strong clasps which make it almost impossible with a newborn. Great once you can use two hands, though.)
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I'm in a 40H after giving birth and have had great success with the Elomi molded nursing bra with an underwire. I like it more than the bras I was wearing before pregnancy. I agree that the clasps are a little stiff. I can get them undone with one hand but typically need two to snap them closed again.

My best unsolicited advice is to hit up a specialty bra shop* for a fitting if there's one nearby. They should know the range of options available to you and have sizes you can try on.

* The Internet seems to universally recommend Nordstrom for this, but I've had little luck there for larger sizes and no luck at all for nursing bras. YMMV.
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Be a little cautious when wearing an underwire bra - I could never wear one while nursing without getting horrible clogs and I know many other moms have the same problem. If you're an experienced nursing mom and have no issues with underwires, please disregard!

Your best bet would be to visit a specialty store for a fitting. Is there a store that sells or rents breast pumps and other nursing-related gear? They usually carry a wider range of nursing bras.
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I was your exact size while breastfeeding, and swear by Anita brand bras. Eliminate was also OK, but the Anitas were the workhorses.

I also swear by as a site with great fitting info. I always wore underwires--properly fitted--while nursing and never once had a clog. Wireless bras were worthless for me.
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Second the be careful about an underwire bra while nursing (unless this is your 2nd time around) as they can cause clogged ducts and other painful conditions. I was a 40L(!) while nursing and Elomi was very helpful as was the "goddess" model nursing bra.
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Pre-pregnancy I was 32H/34G, post-partum (nursing) I am happy in Cake Sorbet 34J (no underwire, fits my clothes surprisingly well). I was fitted by a local independent person who came to my house! This was amazing. If you're in Oakland, send me a message and I can refer you.
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This is the brand/style that got me (settled down to a 38J post-pregnancy, kill me now plz) through nursing and the aftermath: Goddess Keira nursing bra (wire free but way more supportive than you'd think was possible without wires).
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I love Bravado and Cake brand nursing bras. The Bravado nursing tanks are also great.
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