Milk Tray Bar In North America?
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Did the Milk Tray Bar exist in Canada and/or the USA?

I have memories of eating a chocolate bar that bears a strong resemblance to the Milk Tray Bar. Problem is I can't find any evidence of the product existing in North America under that name or any name. The official Cadbury history site says it existed from 1947 to 1981. It seems to still exist in Australia under the name Snack Block. No joy finding any reference to a product under either of those names in North America. Can anyone help me find any evidence of this bar's existence in North America and when it was discontinued?

Before anyone suggests it: The person who gave me the bar was extremely unlikely to be a world traveler or in contact with anyone who was a world traveler.
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Sky Bar?
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There was also a bar called the 7 up bar which predates the skybar
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My Dad sometimes talks about a similar chocolate bar called "Liquid Four Flavours" from his (Manitoba) youth. That would have been in the 1950s-1960s. Not much mention of them online, but you can see the wrapper on a Google image search. Searching also turned up "Jersey Milk Treasures", along the same lines.
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I was going to mention the liquid four flavors - loved that one growing up in Toronto.
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I just saw a nostalgia post on Facebook from a site called expack that had pictures of the Neilsen Treasure bar, and also the Neilsen "liquid 4 flavour" bar. My aunt (who is about 60 now) commented that she loved both of those as a kid (in Ontario).
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