Looking for a forester (not a car)
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I need to find a forester in Southern Maine and I don't know where to begin. I have looked at the list on the Society of American Foresters but it seems like there is no division as to who is a employed by a company versus who is available for hire.

I need a current forest management plan. The land is owned by my family and this is usually handled by my father who now has dementia and is unable to do it. Unfortunately the last forester we use 10 years ago is not someone we would like to use again and I have no idea how to hire someone for this. Is there anyone who has used or can recommend a forester in Souther Maine/York County?
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According to my daughter who lives in Maine:

It might be worth contacting SWOAM ( Small Woodland Owners Association of Maine ) to see if they have any lists of independent foresters.

Also, you can apply for cost-share from Natural Resource Conservation Service for a Forest Management Plan ( info here ) and you can look at the list of foresters who are registered to write those plans here: here

You just go to Maine, your county and then select CAP: Forest Management Plan where it says select a category. That might be a good starting place for people to contact.
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UNH has a Forestry Program; if you're lucky, the program coordinator and/or their administrative manager (contact info here) might be able to put you in touch with some recent alums who are still in the area/are licensed to work in Maine.
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Northern Woodlands Magazine has advertisements for foresters working throughout northern New England, I believe.
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The cooperative extension office should be able to give you referrals.
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Locally, I would stop by the NRCS and/or state forestry office and ask for recommendations. I'd do it in person if possible because you want to know who they recommend, not just a list of licensed people.
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UMaine Cooperative Extension - Cumberland County, Falmouth, ME, (207) 781-6099

Portland used to have a city arborist - call the city and ask - years ago the then arborist came and made tree recommendations for us.
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Your first step should be to talk to a state service forester. They are called district foresters in Maine. http://www.maine.gov/dacf/mfs/policy_management/district_foresters.html
I am a consulting forester. Is that what you are looking for, as opposed to someone who is employed by a company?
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I need to submit a management plan for tax purposes. I did reach out to the district forester for my area and while he would offer a general consultation, for a management plan he said I would need to hire someone.
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