Is there an Android app to periodically remind me of items in a list?
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I’d like to be periodically reminded me of various life lessons I’ve learned and/or inspirational quotes – things that I don’t need to reminded of constantly, but if left long enough, I will forget. I was wondering if there was an Android app that could help me do this.

So I've noticed I have a tendency to realise something important or make a mistake, only to forget it months later and to make the same mistake again. I feel if I could just remind myself every few weeks or so, this could be prevented somewhat.

I was thinking it'd be great to get an app which lets me create a list of items (each with a couple of lines of text reminding me of the lesson to be learned) and display notifications maybe a couple times a day with different items from the database.

I tried using this app called Randomly RemindMe to do this, but the problem is that it sometimes floods my notification area with like 40+ messages (I ended up with a large pool of items). I then tend to just swipe all them away as I won’t have time to read that much text. So I need something that will limit the amount of information presented at one time.

I also thought maybe an app that displays quotes on a rotating basis might work. However, none of the quote apps seemed to let me add my own items easily.

So not sure if there's an app for this. If there are alternative ways of achieving the same goal, please let me know.
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I use the Custom Quote app to change up a displayed quote on my phone every so often. It comes with a huge list of quotes but I mostly ignore that and get it to select a quote from a custom list that I've defined. You can add your own quotes, too.

It doesn't do notifications, though.
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I use Google Keep for this. You can make cards with your text of choice and then configure a periodic reminder schedule for them - at a certain time every day of the week, or once every month, etc. If you wanted notifications multiple times a day you could just setup different cards that go off at different times. I find it works well, and setup isn't onerous because I tend to add notes in over time.
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Anki, a flash card app designed around spaced repetition, may be helpful.
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The Custom Quote app seems like what I'm after. The import/export feature doesn't work on my phone, but I suppose I can just back it up by copying the quotes to a document file.
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