Iphone reset conundrum
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How can I remove restrictions on my iphone without erasing my son's pokemon go data?

My iphone 6+ running ios 10 has restrictions on preventing me from installing apps. I've gone through the last umpteen pins I remember, and can't for the life of me remember the passcode (it now makes me wait 60 minutes before trying again).

From the little I understand, and I hope I'm missing something, I'm going to have to reset the phone without doing a full restore from backup, because a full restore from backup would restore the passcode problem. Meanwhile, my son is on level whatever whatever on pokemon go, and would treat it like a death in the family if he had to start over from scratch.

I read that I could back up pokemon go using iexplorer, but restrictions prevents me from installing an app, so that returns me dejectedly to square one. What am I missing? Hopefully something embarrassingly obvious.
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Is your son's Pokemon Go account linked to Google? I installed Pokemon Go on a new device, then signed in with Google and everything was still there.
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I'm relatively certain that all the Pokemon Go level information is stored on their servers. You can jump between multiple devices, for example, without losing your data.
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Third'ing the above sentiment. My kids have accounts on their iPods/iPads, our phones, their other parents' phones, and who knows where else. They all synch.
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My understanding of iExplorer is that you install it on your *computer*, not your phone. It then treats your phone like an external hard drive; you plug the phone into your computer, ID the files you want to save [and their location on your phone], drag 'em onto your computer. Presumably you reverse the order once you've reset your phone, but I've never tried this with game files, just music files.

But yeah, nthing everyone above that I'm pretty sure your PG progress is tied to your Pokemon Go login, not your AppleID.
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Thanks all--that's reassuring. I clearly didn't know how it all worked.
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In case you want one more confirmation, yes, his account will definitely be fine, he'll just have to log in again so make sure you have the password info. I've logged into my pokemon go account on another phone with no problems - the account data is stored on their servers, not your phone.
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Also to clarify, you're not wrong about the Restrictions passcode; the only way to remove that is a full restore. If you restore a backup, that contains the restrictions passcode (to prevent clever kids getting around it). The login passcode for the device is not stored in backups and so can be reset by restoring to factory and then restoring from a recent backup.
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Yes, I'm 100% sure pokemon go stays with the account and once you're logged in again, it'll be right where you left off.
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There is software that can help you recover your restrictions passcode from a backup. Google "iPhone backup extractor". It's not free, but it works.
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Yeah, Pokemon uses the "cloud" to store his info, not his phone. My son lets his phone-less friends log in to Pokemon on his iPhone and play for a while, and then logs back into his own account when they're done. Sometimes one of them logs in using our iPad and that works too.
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Thanks for your help and reassurance, all. I ended up able to crack the restrictions passcode by doing a little googling. All I had to do was run an unencrypted backup of my phone to my computer through itunes. Then, I was able to find what I needed to enter into a restrictions passcode cracker, and it told me the passcode. It turns out that I somehow slipped and typed in the wrong passcode twice when I set it. I never would have figured it out otherwise.
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