Part time law jobs in NYC
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Wife will be transitioning from her intense attorney job to spend time writing for 6 months+. Financially we're good, but to keep being able to do all the things we love (travel, socialize with friends) some extra money would be nice so not to hit the "slush fund". Any thoughts on part time/flexible jobs that would utilize her skills?

While working at a retail place like Trader Joe's isn't out of the question, we're wondering what kind of non-full time jobs (outside of a doc review) would be good for someone with a law degree and license? Hours would be anywhere from 20 to 35 hrs a week, preferably at least making $25/hr. She has 4+ years of experience supporting litigation, but at some point would want to transition to non-profit/social justice type work.
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I would totally check in with a staffing agency. Something like Robert Half Legal would likely have legal or legal-ish jobs with some sort of flexibility.
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Some friends of mine (without law degrees) have happily worked at Skadden for several years.
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