Will this iPad update ever go through?
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My iPad Air 2 won't start. I keep getting stuck at about 3/4 of the way through before the update fails. I really don't want to reset my iPad to factory settings since I don't really have it backed up properly.

Yes, I know. I KNOW. I blame 2016.

My iPad was running out of space, I turned it off last night and now it won't start. It hangs on the Apple logo. I hooked it up to iTunes and am trying to get 10.2 to update on it, but it is not happening.

-I keep getting error messages 1 and 6.
-I keep getting the message that the iPad must be restored, not updated.
-I started out with the update failing before it even got started, but now the progress bar gets to about 75% before iTunes tells me it fails.
-If I keep trying will an update push through?
-If not, is there any way I can get it backed up before resetting it? I am mainly concerned about the photos.
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If not, is there any way I can get it backed up before resetting it? I am mainly concerned about the photos.

On windows PCs, idevices plugged in typically show up as a removable drive in a file browser/explorer and you can just copy off photos and videos that way. Nothing else is accessible in this manner, but photos and videos typically are. I would imagine something similar is possible if you plug it into a mac, but not sure.
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You might try a hard restart by holding the on button and the home button at the same time for about 30 seconds. Worked for me the other day.
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Plug it into your computer and open iTunes.

See what iTunes tells you.
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Error 1 indicates hardware issues, usually, and error 6 is generally security software interrupting it. I'd first try a new USB cable and if that doesn't solve it, uninstall (not just deactivate) any security software on your computer and try it again. A hard restart can't hurt at this point but it's unlikely to fix it. If you have access to another computer it's worth a shot on that just to isolate possible issues.

Honestly though, you might be boned here, sorry to say. There really isn't a way to scrape data off an iOS device that isn't working properly, and that's by design. If that's the case, consider this your incentive to backup to iTunes regularly, or just pay $.99/month for 50 GB of iCloud backup. Everyone learns this lesson once. Hopefully only once.
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If it were my iPad, I think I'd just shuffle off and make an appointment at the Genius Bar and see what wizardry they have tucked behind their counter.

Are you sure you haven't got iCloud photo's turned on? You might be able to access all your photos at icloud.com if you did, and then your main fear might be quashed.
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