Who is the painter mentioned in R.Crumb's Art & Beauty #3?
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Does anyone know who the painter is that is mentioned in R. Crumb's Art & Beauty #3? You can see portraits of her here. Crumb thinks she might be a genius. I would like to see her paintings.
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Something about the phrasing -- I get the feeling that Crumb might be making these comments about someone he knows.

Maybe this person? She is a painter.
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Try asking the Publisher, they might be able to help


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I don't think it could be Aline Kominsky-Crumb. She's Robert Crumb's wife, and though she's a wonderful artist, she's not young (as the caption describes).
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Agreed. It's almost definitely not his wife Aline. There's a portrait of her elsewhere in the issue, and they look nothing alike.

I may just try asking the publisher.
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