Give me more music for the stairs to nowhere!
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After six weeks of being immobilized by the election, I'm back to the gym. I need more music. There are many "music for the gym" recommendations on metafilter, yes, but I've looked at those. I need more! I need different! Snowflakes are inside!

I tend to work out to artsy dance music, basically. Here's what I particularly like right now:

Owen Pallett, Riverbed
Janelle Monae in generally, but Tightrope
Darling departed Leonard Cohen's First We Take Manhattan
Jr Walker and the All-Stars Shotgun

I'm especially interested in anything you've discovered in the past year, but really any recommendation will do. "I'm going to achieve with my awesomeness because I am awesome" and "I sure would like to have sex with this hot person whose attributes I will enumerate" songs tend to distract me, but otherwise anything goes.

Oh, yes, and the very best song for movement is Don Cherry's I Walk, which I totally recommend to everyone - it will take you back to the time when a better America was possible. If you would like to know Frowner's ur-workout song, this is it.
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Two bands I've listened to more last year are

And anamanaguchi

Both very dancable and energetic, and a litttle more towards artsy than some dance club stuff IMO.
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The first thing I Walk made me think of was Amen, Brother. Instrumental so not too distracting.

The Owen Pallet reminded me of µ-Ziq.

I always find Ocarina by Birds & Batteries kind of uplifting, even though the lyrics are dark.

There's about a 50/50 split among my friends on whether this remix of You Want It Darker is unlistenably bad, but it might be good for working out.

Maybe some Sakamoto?

And perhaps too dark in these days, but Order of Death can be good workout music.
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Since the election I have enjoyed running to the latest A Tribe Called Quest album. I find it both physically and psychologically motivating.
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Also, maybe A Tribe Called Red or the DJ Shadow/Run The Jewels collaboration if you want something with a political bent?
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Based on the Don Cherry track (thanks for that--it's now on my own workout playlist!) I think a lot of James Brown would get you going, like Get on the Good Foot. Dig into the 71-track compilation Star Time.

And if you don't mind lyrics you don't understand, a huge amount of Malian music is massively energizing. I can't stay still when I hear Salif Keita's Sumun, for example. Try also Amadou et Miriam, Angelique Kidjo and Issa Bagayogo.
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Seconding A Tribe Called Red. Also, maybe, some of these, not all of which are arty dance music:

- De Staat - Sweatshop
- Talking Heads - Remain in Light
- Of Montreal - anything and everything, but you can't go wrong with Wraith Pinned to the Mist
- Holger Czukay - Cool in the Pool
- Pere Ubu - Goodnight Irene
- Fiona Apple - Tymps
- The Hidden Cameras - Awoo

You might also try out any classic mixes from Funky 16 Corners (you can scroll past the holiday music).
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*except Angelique Kidjo is from Benin, not Mali!
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You want more Northern Soul in your life.
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None of these are that new, but I listen to lots of Housemartins, Chumbawamba, and Stereolab at the gym. Lots there that’s upbeat, arty, & danceable, tending toward lefty politics rather than I-can’t-wait-to-get-with-you pop blazons. E.G.:
Ping Pong
Get Up Off Our Knees
Motoroller Scalatron (treadmill warning: this song is in 7/4)
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Lloyd Price - Stagger Lee
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Shearwater's "Jet Plane and Oxbow" was my favourite release of 2016. Don't know if it fits your parameters, but it's worth a listen.
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