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I have a relative who's a woodworker and carpenter, a very visual and creative guy. I was thinking a nice Christmas gift would be some kind of book of interesting / unusual / beautiful furniture, for browsing and inspiration. Any recommendations? (ideally available on amazon prime...)
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How about the Design Book series from Fine Woodworking magazine / Taunton Press? There are apparently eight of them, and Amazon has some but not all of them.
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My dad is a woodworker by hobby and we had a book of Shaker furniture on our coffee table while I was growing up. The furniture is unostentatious but absolutely gorgeous and so well constructed. And the Shakers were interesting people. I don't have a specific rec, but if I were you I'd go do a Shaker furniture book search and get one that looks good to you.

A book of unusual furniture design is fun to look at, but from a pure carpentry perspective, the Shakers are where it's at.
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i have Nomadic Furniture 3.0.: New Liberated Living on my wishlist - i think i heard of it here.
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Would he be interested in miniature furniture? I LOVE looking through this book: Miniature Rooms: The Thorne Rooms at the Art Institute of Chicago
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The Art of Japanese Joinery
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This book is in my Amazon wish list, so I don't actually own it yet. (I guess I'm waiting until I'm more ambitious before I order it.) But it looks interesting: PlyDesign: 73 Distinctive DIY Projects in Plywood (and other sheet goods). (Coffee table book, though? I guess it could be.)
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The Book of Shaker Furniture is terrific.
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Seconding The Art of Japanese Joinery. Something else to consider is getting him the 3 books in the Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking series which I enjoyed immensely.
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Thanks MetaFilter, you're amazing! I went with The Book of Shaker Furniture but these all look great.
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For next year, I might suggest a subscription to Fine Woodworking Magazine - which my woodworking Dad geeks out on.
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You've already made your selection, so file this away for next year: Making Working Wooden Locks (Woodworker's Library), a beautiful, full color book of photos and plans for making nine different, functional wooden locks. I have a copy, also received as a gift, and it's pretty neat.
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