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Visby and Gotland Island questions (about Fårö, Stora Karlsö, and other outdoor adventuring that doesn't require a car)

In June I'll spend two weeks in Visby (at an artist residency, so mostly holed up working in a studio but also interested in minimal outdoor adventures, with maybe one overnight in another inspiring place on the island).

This is my second time in Visby, so I'm already a fan of the various ruins, the wall, the botanical garden, Hedbergs, and Surfers.

– Google tells me there's a bus on Fårö itself (after you get onto the island), but how do I view that bus's timetable/route?

– Stora Karlsö: I definitely want to visit, but should I stay one overnight in the hostel to really explore, or did you find a daytrip was enough?

– any obscure beautiful walks you recommend? (reachable by bus)

– any suggestions for vegetarian food in Visby (no meat, no fish, eggs & dairy okay) beyond Surfers, Hedbergs, the creperie, and the grocery stores?

Thank you!
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Yes. There is a bus on Faro, but in my experience it will probably only have one morning, and one evening departure. If you don't have a car, my best advice is to use a bike. You will explore more of the island if you do.

You can rent bikes on several camping places around Gotland. On Faro I think that Sundersand camping is the best.

You are going to have a great time!
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For anyone following this in the future, you can actually walk to a breathtakingly gorgeous area of wild nature/cliffs if you head south from Visby only about 1.5 miles / 2.5 km. The area is called Södra Hällarna. Its entry point is on Google Maps (and is known to all locals).
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