Never gonna happen?
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What is this song? All I have trapped in my head is a fragment that goes "Never gonna happen, never gonna happen; never gonna happen, never gonna happen." starting out at a high pitch and progressively getting lower; the first syllable of the word never in the first and third repetition of the phrase are stretched out. Googling it is getting me songs that are not this song.
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En Vogue My Lovin'? Specifically around 3:20
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I think you could be right! Unless someone played off that song (or that song played off another) and slightly changed the words... Either way, this is satisfying the earworm. Thanks!
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So it's not this, then.
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The pitch change you describe reminds me of Not Gonna Get Us. Not sure I'm thinking in the right genre, but I might as well put it here for future searchers :)
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Is this it?
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Nope, these next three options are definitely way further away than the first. Thanks for the suggestions, though! Oddly enough, Leslie Knope, I used to quite like t.A.T.u and know that song in both languages too well for it to have flummoxed me.
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