Two-sided printing issues with Mac OS Sierra upgrade
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I upgraded to Sierra on my iMac. Immediately the printer and computer couldn't communicate and I couldn't scan (printing worked, though). After many long and many conversations with Mac and HP tech support, we figured out a workaround. Now, I just noticed that when I print multiple page Word documents, it only prints 2-sided. The Print dialogue box no longer has the two-side box option. I've again talked to Apple and HP and have looked online into known issues between Sierra and Word, all to no avail Any ideas, anyone? Thanks.
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Hard to tell without more details.

- What exact model of printer is it? HP makes a lot of printers.
- How is it connected to the Mac? (USB cable, wireless, something else?)
- What is the workaround that you are using?
- Do you have the same problem when you print from other apps, like Safari or TextEdit?
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Hello xii.
Officejet 5740.
Scan each page individually and then combine them in Adobe, which is a royal pain.
Nope, TextEdit still has the two-sided option. It's just Word. (Chrome is my browser, if that's relevant.)
Thank you.
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Sometimes the two-sided option is under Layout in the print dialog - change from long- or short-edge binding to "none"
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It works, gac - thanks!
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Actually, one more question.
Any way to make it a default setting instead of having to choose it each time?
Thank you.
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