Experience gifts in Spokane, WA?
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I'm looking to gift experiences (e.g. flexible-date tickets to a play, museum memberships, quirky activities, restaurant gift cards) to a 30s-ish couple with expansive, quirky, and nerdy tastes and a 3 year old. Many suggestions are welcome--they've already got some subscriptions/memberships so I'd like to cast a wide net. Spokane, WA area.

They like comics, kid-friendly events, historical costumes/costume things in general, arts and culture, film. These gifts don't have to be kid-friendly, though that's a nice bonus. My ideal would be, for example, admission to a rad nerdy event, a set of tickets to the theater with a gift certificate to a nearby restaurant, or a membership to a particularly awesome museum or club. I'm getting them other gifts, but would love to give them a fun activity they might not normally do!

Bonus points if you can recommend a particularly good mani/pedi place that does gift certificates.
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I've been wanting to visit this museum, north of Spokane. The Robot Hut is as quirky as it gets.
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Tickets to Lilac City Comicon.
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Kinky Boots is coming to Spokane in February/March. That's what we got as a Christmas present for my SIL who lives there.
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