Help us Chill with our Kid while Drinking in our New Town
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We're relocating from San Jose to San Diego and while we're pretty set on most of the details, there are a few specific questions that we need help with since the last time we lived in San Diego we were single/newly-in-love and now we're married-with-preschooler.

We will be living in Mira Mesa, though will be spending a fair amount of time near downtown San Diego due to family/friends. Also, please don't judge us - I promise we don't have "a problem"'s just that for some reason, the same people who like to titter about "mommies love wine! lol!" think it's horrible to be adults who drink alcohol while also having children, so here we are (plus, as you may know, AskMe is amazing).

First: Pretty much every week, we find ourselves at our favorite local lunch/dinner restaurant with STRONG drinks (stronger than your usual restaurant drinks), healthy-ish food with lots of options for folks who don't eat red meat/pork, in a walkable neighborhood, and a vibe that is just as welcoming of toddlers as it is of groups of grown-ups on their night out. (This wonderful place is called Aqui for any of you visiting the San Jose area). Please tell me there's something that fits the bill in San Diego?

Second: We were thrilled to find a very family-friendly winery in Cupertino (Picchetti Winery for those interested). Your faves in San Diego, ideally with a tasting room AND picnic grounds that are kid-friendly?

Thank you! :)
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South Park is your walkable, family-friendly neighborhood!
My friends take their toddler to Kindred, the metal-as-fuck vegan place, quite often.
Station Tavern might be a bit light on the healthy options (there are some) but they have a playground!
Del Sur has a variety of interesting margaritas and describe themselves as "veggie friendly, kid friendly, and dog friendly."
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The Ocean Beach Noodle House always kept our family happy and meets all of your requirements. If you haven't been there OB has a very different character than the rest of San Diego (eclectic with a sprinkle of grit) but it is our favorite place to go in the area.
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Pichetti is amazing and I'm jealous that you get to go there regularly. You're on the right track with Pichetti...
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Seconding the Station in South Park. It's more of a beer and burgers kind of place, but couples with toddlers is basically their target market sector.
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Caveat: I do not have kids. I do have friends with kids.

Both of these are in Escondido, and thus out of your area, but might be worth checking out.
Stone has a huge garden. Last time I was there, there were a ton of kids running around making friends with each other. They also do "Meatless Mondays." Definitely not a walkable area.

Plan 9 Alehouse is a tiny gastro pub in downtown Escondido. They built a kid's play area into their main dining room. I can't speak to the vegan/veggie options, but this is also a fairly walkable area (though smaller than something like South Park).

I'll be watching for other answers, because my group of friends needs some kid-friendly venues too!
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South Park is a good bet and people have that covered.

We take kids to the Stone Brewery in Point Loma regularly and it's fine (they have locations is Point Loma and in Escondido). Sit in the garden.

In the Picchetti vibe, I'd go with some locations that are a bit further out. There are a bunch of wineries in Escondido; I'd take a day and do a drive and find one that suits your vibe and palate. Some are more "let the kids run free" and others are more "kids must be within arms reach of parents." Hungry Hawk would be my first stop.
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San Diego is great for this.

Waypoint Public in North Park is a great beer bar/restaurant with a movie screen and an actual playpen for kids to go nuts in. Weekend afternoons and early evenings the kid to adult ration is 1:1.

Downtown, the Crack Shack fits your bill and they have a bocce court that kids pretty much treat as a sandbox on weekends. There's also a giant chicken that the little ones in my life adore.

Also tons of our breweries have outdoor areas with playground elements in the summer.
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Liberty Public Market.
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