Bakery recommendations near DePaul University
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My cousin is a first-year student at DePaul University in Chicago; I'm 99% sure he lives on or near the Lincoln Park campus. I would like to get him a gift certificate for a local bakery (or other eatery) so that he can have delicious snacks to study with next semester. Can Chicago-based MeFites provide me with any recommendations?

Bakeries are the first thing that sprang to my mind, but if there are any other eateries near the campus that mind work well, I'm all ears.
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Floriole is very close by - I haven't been there myself yet, though I've heard nothing but rave reviews. There are also a number of doughnut shops in the area: Glazed and Infused, Firecakes, and Stan's.
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Also came to say Floriole.
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I'm a big fan of Stan's. Plenty of good stuff at Glazed and Infused too, though.
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Insomnia Cookies is the usual answer over at the DePaul parent board-they have lots of options and will send milk or juice! They also have online ordering with tracking from dough to delivered, and are familiar with the DePaul dorm set up so can actually get the cookies to your student if he wanted cookies at midnite during exam week! There's also a Whole Foods on campus if you wanted to go that route. The Depaul Discount page may also give you some ideas as to eateries-brunch at Jam and Honey was pretty popular a year or so ago but I don't think they do pastries per se.
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on preview: beaning beat me to insomnia cookies and Whole Foods. There's also The Twisted Baker nearby.
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The correct answer to this is Sweet Mandy B's for both geographic reasons as well as for how awesome their baked goods are. If they are on the Lincoln Park Campus I can guarantee they are aware of Sweet Mandy B's and 90% sure they have likely been there before.
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Floriole would be a great special treat.
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Floriole is basically on campus, and is one of the finest bakeries in the city. Your money will go farther elsewhere, especially if he doesn't have refined (no pun intended) tastes in baked goods.

Floriole: classical French pastries, croissants, tarts, crusty bread.
Sweet Mandy B's: cake pops, cupcakes, donuts, colorful sugar-covered things.
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