Looking for sassy Facebook posts that went viral
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I'm interested in reading opinion-heavy, probably political, Facebook posts that went viral. Stuff like this and also this and this.

I am particularly looking for posts that are satirical, humorous, sassy, witty, encapsulate a common view in a new and original way, and preferably of a liberal or left-wing bent. If you know of bloggers who are regularly churning out this kind of writing, please point me in their direction!

I can't get enough of this kind of post, but they don't seem to be collected in one particular place (or are they?), and they dont seem to pop up very often either, so I'm turning to the wonderfully up-to-date and media savvy world of MeFites to find as many of these as I can!

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a Brexit post I found funny
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I love this poem a friend of mine wrote that quite unfortunately, went viral several times this year.

Here's a Slate story about what it was like for her when it went viral.

And The Guardian did a story about it.

Perhaps it isn't funny, but it is sassy, witty and original, and I find that I can't stop thinking about it.
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You might like Margaret and Helen.
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